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    Rhizome Rot

    depending on the size of your pots a quarantine might not be a bad idea. sarracenia are typically more vulnerable during dormancy so the best solution is to remove all the rot. If rot is happening during dormancy the plant cannot fight it very well and chances are high that the entire plant will...
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    Finally repotting after 5 years!

    the well deserved re-potting should pay off in some good growth for you I would imagine. happy growing!
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    UV-C Light on CP samples?

    When doing cloning off of pullings/cuttings in vials, I was thinking of using a UV-C sterilizer on my samples as an extra layer of protection. Is the UV-C light ok to be used on my samples?
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    Wind Damage

    yes mine have been blown over as well. most likely will get a shock tonight with the temps as well. :-/
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    Spring of 2016 has sprung!

    nice sarracenia DJ. They are an easy cp to become obsessed about especially once you get like a huge pot of mature sarracenia all over 2.5 ft tall and varied in color. Also like the bog garden you got going on there too!
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    aphids will not go away.

    i had aphids a long time ago when i used to have terrariums. someone suggested this silly idea of soapy water and it killed em.
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    Sarracenia Blood Moon X Adrian Slack seeds

    that sounds like it will be an awesome cross. gl to everyone!
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    wttf d. regia

    I would really like to find a big easy. I want to try my hand at these again.....doesn't matter what i get. plant, sprouted cutting, seed. I have a few different plants to trade. hmu.
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    Some really bad news

    I have also done some trading with Jerry a while ago....we spoke some over email even after the trade...he seemed like a good guy and a kind soul. Rest in Peace.
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    wttf some sarracenia

    here are my latest wishlist sarracenia but I am open to others as well; always a hidden treasure lurking somewhere. :) s. saxapawhaw s. x avatar s. x prince of darkness s. x vinter's treasure s. x elaine wang s. x saurus s. x A Poraïs s. x flies demise dark/metalicized flava...
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    want to trade reptilian rose *large

    bump! no love for this gorgeous reptilian rose? considering all trade offers
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    want to trade reptilian rose *large

    let me see looking for a few nice trades i am seeking the following: s. blood moon s. prince of darkness s. vinter's treasure s. elaine wang s. x saurus s. x A Poraïs s. x saxapawhaw maybe a nice atropurpurea
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    OrchidBox climate controlled terrariums... What do you all think about this?

    seems kinda small....unless you are growing smaller cp's/orchids then perfect.
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    I don't understand people...

    it is a nice looking vft tho I would put it in a bigger pot
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    Beginner Nepenthes Giveaway

    Nepenthes ventricosa (Intermediate/Highland): 1.Garylee123-thankd 2.samolo 3. SFLguy - Thank you so much for the chance to get one of these! 4. Sashoke 5.dozer1028 6. umop_apisdn 7. aerogrower- thank you. 8. birdybrain- awesome giveaway! 9. Jafvortex93- Thanks alot for the opportunity! 10...
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    Nepenthes Giveaway

    very generous!
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    Nepenthes kampotiana vine tip from last year

    1. cpbobby - thanks, I haven't seen a kampy in a while. :)
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    My Birthday Giveaway!

    nice giveaway.
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    September pics of my CPs

    looks awesome DJ. luckily sarracenia dont need much attention....just add water. lol.