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  1. monkey_Cup

    using a plant press for CP pitchers/flowers

    i have a personal project i am working on, nothing scientific, and thought a pitcher or two from nepenthes or sarrs might be cool. I was wondering if they pressed well or if it would be a waste of my time. Also i know its to late this years, but anyone ever press sarr flowers? Thanks for any...
  2. monkey_Cup

    problems with gophers in a bog

    I am wanting to start on a bog this year. I am planning to but down visqueen as a liner. But my concerns are gophers tunneling through the liner. Living in oklahoma, gophers are a gaurntee in the yard. I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with gophers getting into their bog liners...
  3. monkey_Cup

    Hibernaculum questions?

    I was curious, do all hibernaclum? Usually all appear at once for all species, or can they appear weeks later? Thanks for info
  4. monkey_Cup

    mulching for winter

    With winter comming on and the first freeze right around the corner, i was curious when some of the people who have been growing drosera and other CP's outdoors for years, normally apply the mulch. I was going to use pine needles. Should i wait till the killing frost or before. Thanks for...
  5. monkey_Cup

    Drosera viability?

    I have the following drosera and was wondering if they will remain viable: d. natalensis, d. filiformis FL Giant, d. intermedia, d. capillaris long arm. I would like to get big pots and grow them outside next spring. But if the seeds won't remain viable, i need to know that and will get them...
  6. monkey_Cup

    collecting drosera binata seeds

    I have a couple varities of drosera binata and they flowered prolificly for me this year, even thogh some are root cuttings this year or some are starts from other people this. My drosera binata multifida flowered a bunch and drosera dichotoma? giant flowered several times, but i cant seem to...
  7. monkey_Cup

    sarracenia in flower arrangements?

    I was just curious if anyone has ever tried to incorporate sarracenia pitchers in a cut flower arrangement, now i am not talking about cutting every pitcher off a single plant, but if there was a fallen one, if someone has cut one with this intention. If someone has done this, how longer before...
  8. monkey_Cup

    growing d. binata outside

    I have acquired some d. binata, binata marstons dragon, and in the process of getting some binata extrema. I have the first two growing outside and plan to do the same with the third type. I grow them in full sun, and the first two are doing awesome. My question is does anyone have any...
  9. monkey_Cup

    help with starting Neph's from seed

    I have tried to grow nephs from seed twice the first time i tried to start them in the dark then moved to light. the seed were on long fiber sphagnum moss in a ziplock bag which i kept sealed and would just spray it with water when ever the condensation inside would decrease. I let it go for...
  10. monkey_Cup

    shiping darlingtonia

    i have a friend in washington that is giong to send me a darlingtonia, but neither of us really know how to ship it. Any suggestions on how to ship it to oklahoma? Thanks in advance. monkey_Cup
  11. monkey_Cup

    lighting for a single nep at the office

    i am wanting to take a nepenthes to work, but my office has no light, except flouresent, and there is a window in the shared area that gets good sunlight till about 1:00pm. So i was hopeing to get some advice on lighting solutions for a single plant without having to get a 2 or 4ft light. Or...
  12. monkey_Cup

    monkey_Cup grow list

    This grow list is great due in part to the many generous people on this forum, helping out individuals who are interested in awesome plants, but with limited resources. N. thorelli X something (gill_za) N. bicalcarata Brunei orange (purchase) N. Ventrata (xQuinn) N. Truncata Pasian(gill_za) N...
  13. monkey_Cup

    T8 vs. T12 VS. Twhatever

    I have a couple nepenthes that i have in my dinning room set back about 12 feet from a big glass slidding door. During the summer, the plants would get about 4-5 hours of direct sun, and the rest of the day indirect sun. Well as we have moved in to fall they now get zero direct sun and all...
  14. monkey_Cup

    hello from oklahoma

    Hello My name is lloyd, and i have recently purchased a couple nepenthes (truncata, bicalcarata, and sibeyanesis X ventracosa, hope i spelled those close to right). I have really enjoyed watching them grow. The truncata and bicalcarata, have both put on a pitcher each since they have been in...