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    Pepper Seed

    I recently received pepper seeds from a grower in Texas. I forogt your username on here. Please contact me if you see this.
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    Bog Garden Soil Layer and Base

    Hello all. I'd like some input from the bog gardeners. I'm going to create one from a hard plastic pond tub. It is several feet deep (at least two to three, if I had to estimate). The tub will be above ground. What is best to use as a base for the bog? I could fill the whole thing with the peat...
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    Hi all. Anyone have rotundifolia or 'Hybrida' available? I used to gow 'em and would like to try them again.
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    Anyone have...

    P. lusitanica VFT 'Clayton's Volcanic Red' VFT 'Red Piranha' D. hartmeyerorum any Byblis ??? Thanks in advance.
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    Sarracenia Seed

    Hi all. I have the following seed available. PM me if interested. I'll trade for any seed/plants just to make it fun, but it's not absolutely necessary. readii 'Alabama Red' ahlesii #2 (very nice dark form) rubra rubra formosa Charlton County, Georgia gilpinii 'Big Red' x readii 'Alabama Red'...
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    Pings in Guadalajara?

    Anyone know of any easy, accessible Ping sites in or very near Guadalajara, Mexico?
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    Big Cypress National Preserve

    JC Muñoz and I recently visited a Collier County portion of the preserve in search of the elusive yellow-flowered P. pumila var. buswellii. I know of only one other isolated site for this variant nearby. Unfortunately, we were a tad early and most were not in flower yet. Those that were, were...
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    Fairchild Ramble

    Hi everyone. The annual Fairchild Tropical Garden Ramble will once again be held the first weekend of November this year. Florida carnivorous plant growers will be representing the International Carnivorous Plant Society. We invite anyone who will be in the South Florida area to stop by. Any...
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    Some available stuff

    Here's what I've got at the moment: S. x ahlesii 'Black' x gilpinii 'Big Red' x readii 'Alabama Red' rubra rubra N. gracilis 'Black' alata 'Flames of Apo' (female) mirabilis mirabilis 'Pink/Red' (large plant) maxima x sanguinea 'Purple' alata x maxima (female) 'Red Beauty' D. filliformis...
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    Indian River and Brevard Counties, Florida

    JC Muñoz and I recently travelled to a few locales in these two counties. Indian River County There were also a few Utricularia species at this site. S. minor grows here as well, but the hike to find them was too long. You can see the difference in the two D. capillaris forms. The...
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    Highlanders Available

    I have the following available for trade. I'd be looking mainly for Sarrs or heat-tolerant Neps. Most are small, but a decent size. The spectabilis is large. gymnamphora ovata rajah spectabilis densiflora x truncata ventricosa x spectabilis These are available again along with: 'Hong Kong...
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    Seriously this time...

    Does anyone not have extra P. primuliflora to trade? Come on! They mulyiply like crazy.:crazy: Also, I'm looking for S. leucophylla 'Burgundy' S. alata 'Maroon Throat' S. Red Blush
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    D.filliformis filliformis 'Florida Red'

    I have plants and seed available to trade. Let me know if you're interested.
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    D. indica

    A view of some of the D. indica as I was strolling through my grow area in the morning. As always, I must add that I'm a horrible photographer. I have seed if anyone's interested. Anyone have D. indica 'red' available?
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    Looking for P. primuliflora

    Anyone have extra to trade?
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    In light of the latest issue of the CPN

    Here's what I discovered today. My VFT 'Dutch' with a baby Cuban anole.
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    Southeastern Pinguicula

    Anyone have any available? I'm looking for: primuliflora ionantha lutea caerulea
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    Hi everyone. Last year I started having a problem. All the leaves on my Drosera and VFTs turn black while the growth points remain green. Whatever it is has killed nearly ALL of my Pings. I assume it's the same thing that has been knocking off my Sarracenia as well. I thought the problem was...
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    P. ionantha and S. rubra 'Ancestral'

    Does anyone have extra P. ionantha to trade? Also, what ever happened to the S. rubra 'Ancestral' from around Columbus, GA? Are these still in cultivation?
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    Where are you?

    I recently traded some Nep and an S.xformosa to someone for a red tube flava, a leesii red, and a purpurea venosa dark red. I forgot your forum name and deleted our PMs. Can you please PM me. I want to ask you a question about the purp.