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    For Trade Orchids to trade and some to give away

    What variety of blueberries also interested in some blaskraspberrie canes if you have any ready to take cuttings from. I have a bunch of seeds, ghost pepper, thai chili, thai basil, lettus, and a few others. I lost my raspberrie canes last year so I'm definitely looking to acquire more of them...
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    A glimpse of what will be available at this year's auction

    I have a few D. Capensis i will be throwing up, havent decided if i will do it over multiple or a single page
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    She has come back home to stay. Finally (N lowii x truncata)

    SK Im glad to see you back into the swing of things even if it is a slow uphill, we all have to start somewhere. As for what happened Im sorry and i hope this plant continues to do well fo you as it did before. Its sad that people have to go and do things like this just because of being denied...
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    Root rot??

    photos would help, what are you using for media, growing conditions ect? In the mean time i would place a bag over it and give it added humidity until you see some signs of growth then slowly acclimate it to regular conditions.
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    New from Virginia

    welcome to the forums! Im right next door to ya on the MD side of things! nice to see more DC people around :D