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  1. nepenthes_ak

    Itunes Help

    Okay, so I have Itunes, and lets say I got my music from a torrent BUT their is no album name, except the album name, am I stuck having to sort through EVERY song and put an album name, change the title, all that awesome stuff or is their an easy way to group all my songs I got from my torrent...
  2. nepenthes_ak

    DIY Tattoo

    Did it my self using Sewing needle and india ink Just seeing how it turns out, I couldnt clean out the little "groves" in my finger because I didnt want to scrub to much and rub the ink out
  3. nepenthes_ak

    Doctors Use Patient's Stem Cells

  4. nepenthes_ak

    College kids

    I assume some of you guys are getting ready to regester for next semester/quarter or what ever? What classes did you guys get? I have a fairly easy schedual, though I couldnt get english cause all the classes were filled. Intro Phcyology Photography 1 Statistics 3D Foundations Intro Theater I...
  5. nepenthes_ak

    Obama Came to town

    Portsmouth Ohio I dont have a preference Obama or McCain but if McCain comes to town as well ill get pictures of him too. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cardenas/sets/72157607903733541/
  6. nepenthes_ak

    turmeric help acne?

    Can turmeric help acne? I had a bad boil on my leg that I popped! :poke: And I figured theirs got to be a better way, went online looked around and it seems like it might help allot, and i dont wanna wait a month and have dry funky skin while I wait for my acne to go away.. could a turmeric...
  7. nepenthes_ak

    I have a problem

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 9 months, we get in occasional arguments, but who doesn't? One that has happened recently is I do something that is reference to my EX who I've posted about who some of you know is a total... deleted. Any ways, I really am totally over my ex, I...
  8. nepenthes_ak

    Vector Selling Cutco Products?

    Is Vector a scam? I went in for the lengthy interview, which seemed pretty bogus to me. And now I have to get up in 6 and a half hours, but I cant help but get rid of this feeling that its some kind of scam! PS they are promising 14.25 dollars an hour and Found out I have to pay 150 or...
  9. nepenthes_ak

    Pipe Smokers

    Any pipe Smokers here? Just curious how many people who grow CPs smoke a pipe.
  10. nepenthes_ak


    I just graduated from High School! I cant wait to move on with another chapter of my life!
  11. nepenthes_ak

    WM11 and FF

    I have Windows Media Player 11 and Firefox, but I go websites, and it says I need to add the plug in to view the media. How can I fix this?
  12. nepenthes_ak

    A fun way to solve World Hunger

    http://freerice.com/index.php Donates grains of rice for correct awnsers, its late but I spent 5 mins and got 400 grains of rice. Im sure thats a small portion.
  13. nepenthes_ak

    Hey OZZY!

    I found a Snake! Its a cute little snake I found, A Garter Snake. He is about 20 inches long. I'm doing some research on them now I might keep him. Any advice might be helpful Ozzy or any one else. Ive read so far they can be picky eaters. Do they need a heating pad?
  14. nepenthes_ak


    For Cold air Intake and Short Ram Intake, I know Short Ram creates power with better response times than a cold air, but loses that at higher RPM's. And Cold Air doesnt produce the power at the lower RPM's right? So My question is it possible to put a Cold air intake and a Short Ram intake on...
  15. nepenthes_ak

    Chevy Cobalt

    So, What do you guys think of the Chevrolet Cobalt? Basicaly my moms getting me a new car for 2 reasons, 1) graduation gift 2) my old car broke down :censor: So, I might be getting a Yellow Chevrolet Cobalt LS 2.2L 4 cylinder
  16. nepenthes_ak

    Earth Hour

  17. nepenthes_ak


    The CIA, FBI and LAPD get together for a conference on terrorism activities and decide that rabbits are currently the greatest threat. They locate the nearest woods and decide to each send in recognizance to see how best to deal with the rabbit situation. The CIA stake out the woods for 3 months...
  18. nepenthes_ak

    Sad video Good song

    <a href="http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=21071090">Saving Us</a><br><embed src="http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf" flashvars="m=21071090&v=2&type=video" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="430" height="346"></embed> The video always brings...
  19. nepenthes_ak

    Free Registry cleaners

    Registry Cleaners (for computers) do they work, recommend any free ones?
  20. nepenthes_ak

    Inuit Throat Singing

    I was outside, with 14-15 inches of snow around my feet, reminded me of Alaska. Got to thinking about The Native Alaskan people, and their languages. Here is some Inuit throat singing http://www.stuff.co.uk/media/polar-relay/inuit.html Really neat stuff