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  1. silent hill

    Looking For (trade) Drosera natalensis ssp. Chimanimane For Trade

    Drosera natalensis (Chimanimane Mountains, Zimbabwe) For Trade I've got some seeds of Drosera natalensis (Chimanimane Mountains, Zimbabwe) from my personal plants last year which are still viable (have some germinating now). Willing to trade for other uncommon Sundew seeds. PM if interested...
  2. silent hill

    Napa Floor-Dry #8822

    Has anyone used this for their pings? It's Diatomaceous Earth and is "coarse size". I use it for my succulents with no problems of it turning to mush. Asking because I cannot get Turface or APS locally. Thanks!
  3. silent hill

    For Sale Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' Seeds

    I've harvested seeds from my Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' plant on June 25th, and have 3 packs of seeds for sale. Each pack is $3.50 and will contain 20 seeds, give or take. I will cover the shipping costs! If interested please PM me, Thanks
  4. silent hill

    For Trade Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' seeds for trade

    I've harvested seeds from my Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' plant yesterday (June 25th), and have some packs for trade. Each pack will contain 20 seeds, give or take. I'm looking to trade for open pollinated Dionaea (Venus Flytrap) seeds, or maybe Drosera capensis seeds other than 'albino' 'red' or...
  5. silent hill

    Sand In Your Mix

    Ok fly trap people I have a question! I'm mostly a Drosera guy so I use #20 grade silica sand in all my mixes at about a 1:1 ratio of peat:sand. I just got a Dionaea, and was wondering, is #20 grade too fine to be used with a peat mix say at a ratio of 1:3 sand : peat? Should I add perlite to...
  6. silent hill

    I is back!

    My name is Jeremy. Some members might remember me. I had to get outta growing CPs "life hits you sometimes no?", But now I'm back. Still growing Sundews and Utrics like I used to. That's about it, cheers!