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  1. vft guy in SJ

    Sarracenia division giveaway - Round 2

    S. flava in small flat rate box (one division each) 1)Goodkoalie 2) 3) 4) S. flava in medium flat rate box (two divisions each) 1) NemJones 2) vft guy in SJ S. Judith Hindle – Small flat rate box 1) Axelrod12 S. Judith Hindle – Medium flate rate box (two divisions) 1)Goodkoalie...
  2. vft guy in SJ

    Giveaway: Drosera capensis 'Albino' Seeds

    1. Jwalker thanks for the chance 2. RandyS--thank you! 3. Dozer1028. Thanks 4. Dionae, thank you! 5. Sashoke, thanks! 6. vft guy in SJ... Thanks
  3. vft guy in SJ

    Wanted: Drosera seeds and cuttings

    Wow.. its been a couple weeks since I've had a chance to check on this thread... I appreciate the replies... I am definitely interested in the plants offered. Please PM me and we can work out the details. Thanks again, Steve
  4. vft guy in SJ

    Wanted: Drosera seeds and cuttings

    Hi All, I a recently in a position to stat rebuilding my plant collection. I am looking for "generally tolerant" Drosera plants. D. filiformis, capensis and binata varieties (D. binata dichotoma is particularly of interest). As I do not currently have anything of trade value I am looking...
  5. vft guy in SJ

    Just like a bad check...

    Lol Jim.. Things are going very well... As I said, I have a new job that I (mostly) love... Got married a few years ago... and just bought my first house. Overall I can't complain much. All I need now is to start rebuilding my CP collection. :-)
  6. vft guy in SJ

    Just like a bad check...

    Hello all... I am back!! Its been a while since I have been active here at TF, so I thought I'd take a minute to re-introduce myself. I first got interested in CPs back in 2002 or so when I got my first venus flytrap. After a year or so I discovered this forum and I really loved it. I made...
  7. vft guy in SJ

    Drosera capensis/Drosera nidiformis seeds for SASE

    If you still have some of the D. capensis seed left I would like to take you up on the offer. I had a pack in the fridge from my last harvest, but they are almost 5 years old and Im not getting any germination on them :-( Thanks, Steve
  8. vft guy in SJ

    capensis care

    It should take a few weeks to make seed. All of the flowers will generally bloom about one every other day or so. Then watch the pods to start breaking open. I take a big dinner plate, hold the flower stem over it and tap gently on it. The seeds will fall right out. There will be thousands of...
  9. vft guy in SJ

    Dry Sarracenia

    I would'nt worry too much yet. Sarracenia in general can take quite a bit of "hostile treatment". The rhizome itself retains quite a bit of moisture and unless or untill it turns to mush, you should be fine. Ive grown quite a few Sars in my time and Ive dried out a few.. they all seem to...
  10. vft guy in SJ

    Wanted: Drosera filiformis

    Hi everyone... As many of you know, I had to give away my entire collection a couple years ago. I am able to keep a few plants again now that I have someone home to take care of them for me. I am looking for a few really easy plants that my wife can take care of with minimal effort. One of...
  11. vft guy in SJ

    Orthene systemic liquid concentrate

    Thanks everyone for the help. Its been a while since I have needed to mix this stuff. Aphids have always been an anual problem for me, but as its been a few years since I have had any plants to worry about, I havent had the need to treat, obviously. Orthene has always worked wonders on my plants...
  12. vft guy in SJ

    Orthene systemic liquid concentrate

    Hi all.. It's been a long time since I have visited, so hello to all my old friends :-) I have a quick question which I hope maybe someone here can help me with. I need to mix a batch of Orthene systemic insect control. My bottle is liquid form, concentrate. The mixing instructions are missing...
  13. vft guy in SJ

    Happy Birthday to vft guy in SJ & Klasak

    Thanks everyone. Was a pretty tame b-day as things go.. for the first time in almost 30 years I actually had to work on my b-day. Its all good.. Ill get my partying in when I go on vacation in 2 weeks. Cheers, Steve
  14. vft guy in SJ

    Hey Ozzy.. Whats your AIM ID? Been wanting to get in touch with you for a couple weeks and...

    Hey Ozzy.. Whats your AIM ID? Been wanting to get in touch with you for a couple weeks and the forum is giving me so much trouble. Steve
  15. vft guy in SJ

    MEMBERS PHOTOS!  Let us see you!

    Well its been a while since I posted a pic (if you notice, mine is on page 1 lol). Took a couple the other day so thought Id post them here for ya. Cheers Steve
  16. vft guy in SJ

    They're Hatching!

    Ahh Fatherhood. Enjoy this time.. They grow so fast. Next thing you know they will be demanding their OWN pots, their OWN water, ect ect...
  17. vft guy in SJ

    What Am I? (Large Pics)

    Peanut, Don't expect a whole lot of color to show up right now. In general, existing leaves may darken a bit, but the true coloration comes out when the leaves are young and developing. As this plant progresses into spring and summer, you will see that all the new growth will exibit the...
  18. vft guy in SJ

    pet peeves

    Most of mine are driving related, and these are from before I started driving professionally. 1. People who do not use the 2 way left turn lane (or suicide lane) correctly. When you pull from a driveway into the center left turn lane, it is there to increase speed so you can merge into traffic...
  19. vft guy in SJ


    Well bro.. the memory of your face crinkling, shoulders arching, teeth grinding, and the godawful groan you make every time I butcher a name, is quite enough motivation for me to stick with the common names and leave the latin alone.. lol
  20. vft guy in SJ


    And whatever you do, do NOT pronounce it wrong or Phil will take a pair of sharp forceps and pluck out your eyelashes and nose-hairs one by one till you say it right.