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  1. BrassLeaves

    Lots of types of Sarracenia divisions for temperate succulants...or CPs :)

    Hey everybody! I'm looking to start a succulent bed at my house and I'm in need of plants to fill it with. They need to be zone 8 hardy. I'm looking for Agave americana in particular, but all agave will be considered. Yuccas, Odd-ball hen and chicks, Delosperma, Moranense, Orostachy, Pallidum...
  2. BrassLeaves

    Flowering Nepenthes. 90% sure it's a male. Looking for seed co-op.

    Hello friends, I have a spiking N. bellii that will be flowering in a few days to a week, maybe two. I'm pretty sure it's a male, though, I'm not positive. I'll be able to post some pics of the buds tomorrow, since my camera battery is apparently dead :blush: Looking around to see if anyone...
  3. BrassLeaves

    Looking for a S. minor var. okefenokeensis

    Hey everybody! So my filter search was a bust I guess :blush: Oh well. I am wondering though if anyone has a S. minor var. okefenokeensis available for trade. Pretty much all of my Sarracenia are up for grabs if you have one (excluding CITES regulated plants, of course); my updated growlist...
  4. BrassLeaves

    Flower watch, 2013!

    Spring is an exciting time for Sarracenia growers! S. flava x rubra ssp. rubra
  5. BrassLeaves

    Looking for Oxygen-III or LP filter

    Hey all, I'm looking for somebody who is willing to trade an Oxygen-III or a Light Pollution filter for telescope optics. Take a look at my growlist if you have one, and we can work something out. My list is out of date and I was having internet problems and could not update it; so here is...
  6. BrassLeaves

    Leaf pullings from temperate plants.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried leaf pullings from non-mexican pings? If so what was the success rate? Early spring or late summer? Mine produce many plantlets every winter that do just fine when seperated, but I just wanted to know if I had any more options. Thanks
  7. BrassLeaves

    Looking for S. "Judith Hindle"

    I know it's a common one. I'm looking for hopefully a few maybe five or more. I have quite a bit up for trade (no point in rewriting half my growlist). N.splendiana x (rokko x stenophylla)....seed grown, a bunch of pings, quite a few sarras, lots of D. filiformis ssp. filiformis, two types of...
  8. BrassLeaves

    Live Sphagnum Moss obregon562 $12

    Up for auction is one gallon of live sphagnum moss. It is grown outside in large minibogs, so I cannot guarantee the absence of foreign seeds (whenever I bring some in to pot a Nep. I always get a rouge maple or birch). I will, however, have picked it clean of all debris. This is a great fast...
  9. BrassLeaves

    Have lots to trade

    Hi there everybody, Currently I have S. flava var. flava, S. rubra ssp. rubra, an antho-free form of S. rubra ssp. gulf, a location specific S. leuco, S. pcittacenia, D. filiformis ssp. filiformis, D. intermedia, dormant D. peltata, seed grown N. splendiana x (rokko x stenophylla), and some old...
  10. BrassLeaves

    Billbergia for trade

    Hello everybody, I am about to divide my Billbergia and was wondering if anybody would like to trade. Take a look at my growlist and I'll take pretty much anything not on it with the exception of Utrics. I'll also trade for any other type of bromiliad besides any species obtained from Lowe's...
  11. BrassLeaves

    Brassleaves' growlist

    Brocchinia - reducta Byblis - liniflora Cephalotus - follicularis Dionaea - muscipula -"Dente" Drosera - binata - capensis - capensis "alba" - capensis "red" - enodes - filiformis ssp. filiformis - filiformis ssp. tracyi - intermedia - rotundifolia Drosophyllum - lusitanicum...
  12. BrassLeaves

    Sarras for trade

    Hello all- I just finished cleaning my plants up and here's what I have to spare. S. minor, S. x catesbaei, S. "scarlette belle", S. rubra ssp. rubra, S. flava var. typical, S. "tarnok". I also have a anthocycline free form of S. rubra. It kinda looks like a ssp. gulf. If your interested in...
  13. BrassLeaves

    I have to many plants. Trades first, then give aways

    Hey y'all, I divided some of my plants early this spring and have to many of a couple types. I have S. leucophylla 'titan' and/or 'tarnok', S. 'scarlet belle', S. rubra ssp. rubra. I really don't want to just throw them away, but I just don't need more than a few of each plant. Trades will...
  14. BrassLeaves

    Bromeliad ID

    I got this from a private grower in SC. Just to help with the ID: the flower stem is about 16" and the leaves are about 12"-14". It will flower one at a time or all growing points at once. This is just one flower when I took the opportunity to take a pic for ID. Thanks.
  15. BrassLeaves

    New attempt

    Would anybody like to trade any types of CP for my S. rubra ssp. rubra, S. pcittacina, S. x catesbaei, S. "Scarlet Bell", or D. filiformis ssp. filiformis? I really love Sarras so any species or variety would be wonderful even if I have it already (usually they aren't completely the same).
  16. BrassLeaves

    H. heterodoxa

    I'm looking for one of the lowland varieties of H. heterodoxa. I don't have much to trade beside S. rubra ssp. rubra, S. pcittacina, S. x catesbaei, S. "Scarlet Belle" and D. filiformis ssp. filiformis. Just thought I'd give this a shot before I went and bought one.
  17. BrassLeaves

    Sarras and a couple for Drosera for trade

    Hey all, I have these Sarras for trade: S. leuco 'tarnok' S. leuco 'titan' S. flava var typical S. 'dixie lace' S. psittacina and the following Drosera D. filiformis var. tracyi D. intermedia Happy growing everybody, Matt-
  18. BrassLeaves

    Looking for some Pings

    Hello everybody, My name is Matt and I'm new to these boards. I've been growing CPs for years and never get tired of growing new ones. I'm looking for P. caerulea, P. lutea, and P. pumila I don't have much good to trade except Sarras and a couple of Drosera: S. flava S. leuco 'titan' S. leuco...