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  1. adnedarn

    Hello From Ontario, Canada

    :welcome: Glad to hear of your success! I really like N. x ventrata, I've grown CPs for a while but only recently tried some Neps in the house. That's one of them. You can see the thread here: My house Nep (N. x ventrata)
  2. adnedarn

    Are commercial potting soils OK?

    Welcome! Long fiber sphagnum moss and perlite works great but can make future repotting difficult as the roots get tangled with the lfs. If its peat moss sphagnum and perlite that is the most popular mix used. Do not trim off the roots just move the whole thing into the new pot. If you are...
  3. adnedarn

    Possible babies?

    You will want the basal shoots to form some stem before cutting them off, and that's what you will put in the media, cup of water or whatever to get them to root.
  4. adnedarn

    Hello from Southern Califormia

    Welcome! Great list, I'd like to see your Nepenthes sibuyanensis x merrilliana and Nepenthes Song of Melancholy x clipeata :)
  5. adnedarn

    Ceph tank build

    Cephs lookin good! So do the adelae and prolifera. Good job :)
  6. adnedarn

    Forum, skin, chatbox and photo feature updated

    If you see anything spooky happening please let me know so I can look into it. :) Hope you're all ready for Halloween!!! :spidersmile:
  7. adnedarn

    TF "App" (progressive web app) have you tried it?

    Just a reminder that along with the new forum software I've got the forum set up as a Progressive Web App. While this isn't actually an app you install (so no worries about space and extra permissions) from the store it does give app like notifications which I think is super cool! Then it...
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  14. adnedarn

    Hello... Again

    I remember you! Welcome back. :)
  15. adnedarn

    Nepenthes quickly turning black

    Rot is what I was leaning toward. I treated with something I've not used before for " virucide, fungicide and algaecide". Last ditch effort...
  16. adnedarn

    Nepenthes quickly turning black

    Interesting that it would pick about a week after the night drops started getting down near where they were for the person I got the plant from to start showing it wasn't happy. Maybe it'll be able to recover then. Thanks for the observation!
  17. adnedarn

    Nepenthes quickly turning black

    Hello everyone, looking for some advice since I've not experienced this before without a heater or cooler going down and extreme temps setting in. My N. 'Simon' was doing fine and looked good 8/25 (1st pic) and now it is mostly black. It is somewhat new to me (June) but definitely was growing...
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