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    Communal Nepenthes Pot?

    I did plant up a window box with 5 neps from trades I recently made! I'll post up some photos soon. :)
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    Artificial light

    I suggest reading through this: My vft care sheet and this: VFT Tanning - How to get red traps Every setup is different. Every type of VFT is different. See what may work for you. Good Luck!
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    Everything about smaller Nepenthes maxima?

    What is the difference between the smaller growing Nepenthes maxima? Besides being from different locations, is there a difference in size, growth, or habitat? What else do we know about the smaller growing N. maximas? Here is a list of names I've found: N. maxima 'mini' N. maxima 'mini...
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    BugBiter's Jungle Tent

    Glad we could do "business"! lol It was fun "talking" and I'm super happy with our trade! Also, If you'd like some veggie seeds (for free) let me know. I'll ship them out to you to help round out your spring garden. (Actually, if anyone needs some free veggie seeds, message me!)
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    Bag Touching Leaves (during acclimation)

    Sounds good! And the leaves aren't even big enough to be bent by the bag, they just touch the bag with their leaf tips.
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    Bag Touching Leaves (during acclimation)

    Just a quick question . . . I'm acclimating some new Neps using the bag method. One of the plants has larger leaves and they touch the inside of the bag. Is that a problem? I feel like I read somewhere that condensation will make the leaf start to rot, fungus, or something like that...
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    Communal Nepenthes Pot?

    I didn't actually mean to pick an auto-watering type planter. I just thought the photos displayed the idea I was going for. The shelf in front of my window is about 2' wide, so if I can find a window planter of that size, I'll try it out.
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    Nepenthes feeding

    A new fish food on the market (since the last post above from 2017) is Fluval Bug Bites. I imagine this is somewhat more natural, as insects are one of the main ingredients in the food. All of their current fish food formulas contain a high percentage of Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae and some...
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    Communal Nepenthes Pot?

    It seems that everyone grows their Neps singularly, in individual pots. I too, have done it for years. Besides confusing identities, is there any reason not to grow several Neps in one large pot? These are bean plants in the example, but It could done in a window box like this: And vine...
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    Are you growing Nepenthes ‘Plumpkin’ ?

    Just discovered this . . . and since it's October I thought I'd ask . . . Is anyone growing Nepenthes ‘Plumpkin’ ? When I have the space, I'd love one of these!
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    Looking For (trade) Small Windowsill Nepenthes

    I will send you a message. :)
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    I only donate and bid here on Terraforums as well. I stopped using FB over a decade ago! So how did it go? I hope lots of funds were raised! Can't wait till next Auction here on Terraforums! :D
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    Looking For (trade) Small Windowsill Nepenthes

    Do you have any to trade? Hope you (and the orchids I sent you last year) are doing well!
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    Idk what to do lol

    Here is proper care info for your VFT: Growing Dionaea muscipula | ICPS And my fave website for info on Nepenthes: Nepenthes Around the House For fun, and future reference, here is my fave site for Sundews: Web site Good Luck!
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    Properties of alternative growth media

    Since the last NASC auction held here, I've been growing a N. (lowii x veitchii) x campanulata cutting in a mix of ground coco coir, coco fiber and fir tree bark (I would have added perlite, but I ran out). It's already grown roots and a new leaf. Watering is with the tray method, which is how...
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    For Sale Drosera menziesii tubers for sale. Proceeds benefit the International Carnivorous Plant Society

    Hover your mouse arrow on bluemax name above your post (on the left). A menu will poop down and you can then select "start conversation". That is the new "pm" system. :D Good Luck!
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    For Sale Bioactive Substrate

    For Sale! Bioactive Substrate that is seeded with mancae (baby) Porcellio dilatatus 'Giant Canyon' Isopods. You may get some springtails too. About a "shoe box" sized amount of Bioactive Substrate for $30.00 shipped. Message me now! Terms of Service Live Arrival Guarantee...
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    Looking For (trade) Small Windowsill Nepenthes

    *CLOSED* Thanks for looking! I am looking for plants or cuttings listed below: Nepenthes maxima 'mini' Nepenthes gracilis (or a gracilis cross) Nepenthes 'Lady Luck' (ampullaria x ventricosa) Ferns Orchids For trade, I can offer: 12 Rubus flagellaris (Wild Dewberry plants, delicious berry...
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    Cannibalistic Venus Flytrap

    That looks amazing! Never seen anything like that before. I'm a bit confused though . . . so is that one leaf's trap that closed on another leaf's trap . . . or is that one leaf with two traps (one trap growing inside another trap on same leaf)? *EDIT* Actually, I think I see one leaf...
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    fire rings and bogs

    This is not a common situation, so I'm not sure if many will know what to say. I would simply make a big fire in the fire ring. Sit back and enjoy it. When it's at it's hottest, I would then see how many feet away I would be comfortable. Then I would be sure the bog was that same distance...