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  1. ChefDean

    Looking For (To Buy) ISO Dionaea Muscipula "FTS Trigger Happy"

    As the title says, I'm looking to see if anyone has any divisions of FTS Trigger Happy available. Asking for a friend. Thank you, Chef
  2. ChefDean

    Monkey's update thread

    Nice little collection, keep us updated on your progress. Thanks for sharing. Edit: I need to pay more attention. I didn't see that the original post was 10 years old.
  3. ChefDean

    Looking For (To Buy) Sarracenia Seed trade/sale?

    I've got some Lowes deathcube Sarr seeds that I'm just going to plant wild and see what takes, I can split some off if you'd like some. I'm not 100% sure on parentage, but the pitchers have a big resemblance to Rubra. Other, more knowledgeable people have put out that if it's not pure Rubra...
  4. ChefDean

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    I have received addresses from both winners, and both envelopes will go out in today's post, April 16. Congrats to both, and enjoy!
  5. ChefDean

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    Thanks Acro, I'll give it a shot. I've fed baby dews nutritional yeast before, I'll go that route if I get seedlings from this attempt.
  6. ChefDean

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    Well, I said it was going to be quick and drawn on Wednesday. I gotta go cook dinner, so let's do this. After a completely random drawing, the two winners are numbers 1 and 2! CONGRATS to sangrocks101 and Nikki630! PM me your address and I'll get them sent out as soon as possible...
  7. ChefDean

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    My Humpty Doo was pretty productive last year, but passed on over the winter. I have tried to grow them from seed, and I can get them to sprout, but they don't make it past the seedling stage. I'm going to try one more time, but I think someone else should get a chance at growing some. I have...
  8. ChefDean


    You know me as well, ChefDean (I'm not very creative), from other forums. Great to see you here, Xantho.
  9. ChefDean

    Give Away Pay it Forward - Sarr. Hummer's Hammerhead

    Thank you very much, I'm very excited to add this to my small, but growing, collection. PM sent.
  10. ChefDean

    Give Away Pay it Forward - Sarr. Hummer's Hammerhead

    1. Nikki630 2. Lyra - thanks for the giveaway 3. sangrocks101 - Thank you! 4. Xantho - Thanks! 5. ChefDean - Sounds like a neat Sarr, thanks.
  11. ChefDean

    Looking For (To Buy) In search of N. aristolochoiodes

    Nepenthes aristolochioides, argentii, Helis etc for Sale
  12. ChefDean

    Give Away For Active Members A Vesicolusa!

    Very cool! But I have nowhere to put it, so please don't consider me as an entrant. However, again, very cool.
  13. ChefDean

    Give Away For Active Members A Vesicolusa!

    I'm sorry, but what is a vesicolusa? - - - Updated - - - Nevermind, figured it out. A vesiculosa is a type of orchid.
  14. ChefDean

    Any guesses

    Sorry for the low quality pic, but the site wouldn't let me post the big pic. Any idea on what species of sundew this may be? It came in a pack that I was told was 99.9% Cape Alba, but this guy showed up. The leaves look like they're growing out of the stalk, not the center point like a Cape...
  15. ChefDean

    Venus flytrap seedlings

    Plus, with red varieties, they usually don't start showing the red until after exposure to sufficient light. I don't know if any show red right out of the seed. Give them time and good light.
  16. ChefDean

    Suggestions wanted

    Keep us informed on that little Nep, it sounds really neat. And thank you for the Cephalotus suggestion, I didn't even think of them. They're a great idea, thanks. Chef
  17. ChefDean

    Suggestions wanted

    Out rather than down, now you have my creative engineering juices flowing. Thanks Hcarlton.
  18. ChefDean

    Suggestions wanted

    Which variety is that?