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    D. ascendens

    Hi all, I haven't been on here in a long time. A while back I had to pack up and move and I have been keeping busy with work, etc... Last week my neighbor's dog got up here and tore up some of my plants. I was kinda p PO'ed but no biggie except one of my plants was D. ascendens. Does anyone...
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    ball python

    I have been bugging my fiance (who doesn't like snakes) to let me have a snake for the last 2 years or so, I finally got one. Funny as heck too, because we went to one of the local pet stores looking for a T5 lighting setup for my reef tank, and she wanted to see the snakes. We went over by the...
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    Fundulopanchax gardneri

    I recently got a pair of Fundulopanchax gardneri. This morning I found the female on the floor. Does anyone have an extra female they are willing to part with?
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    D. aliciae to trade

    I have a 2 inch dia. D. aliciae to trade. Looking to trade for a comparable D. slackii. My D. slackii died off during the summer heat wave
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    Has anyone ever have this happen?

    I got a ticket on federal land back in July. It came with an addressed envelope in which to put the check or money order to pay the fine in leau of going to court. I got the money orders and mailed it to them in the supplied envelope in August. Fast forward to now. 2 days ago I get a notice in...
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    computer hard drive help?

    I just bought a new computer to replace my old celeron 333. The new puter is a AMD athlon 64 3200+ on an asus motherboard. the hard drive that came installed on it is a WD 80 gig 7200 rpm SATA drive. What I want to do is, take the hard drive out of the old machine and put it in the new one. The...
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    U. bisquamata

    I have enough U. bisquamata for 3 or 4 good sized plugs. This stuff grows like a weed and it's in nearly every pot in my CP trays. Starting bid is $1 per plug. Winner pays shipping, US only.
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    N. X coccinea

    Up for bid is an unrooted cutting of N. X coccinea. This plant is a fast grower and produces lots of red spotted with green pitchers. This plant has 3 inch long pitchers on it. I will cut it off the main plant on the day that I ship it. Starting bid is $3, winner pays shipping, US only.
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    D. aliciae

    Up for bid is D. aliciae, 3 1 inch plants in a 3 inch pot. Started from seed about a year ago. Starting bid is $2, winner pays shipping. US only.
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    D. capensis

    Up for bid is a 3 inch pot of D. capensis. There are several mature plants and lots of smaller seeding plants. This is what happens when you let D. capensis go to seed and you don't cut off the scapes. Starting bid is $2, winner pays shipping. US only.
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    Neps to trade

    I am getting ready to trim my N. ventricosa X inermis and N. coccinea way back. Both plants are getting really long. I will have 2 growing points and 3 stem cuttings from the venticosa X inermis and 2 growing points from the N. coccinea. I am looking for any neps not on my growlist, preferably...
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    heart sugery

    I mentioned a while back that my fiance was going in for heart surgery She just got out of the hospital today She had a triple bypass done and her heart rate is nice and steady now. Her blood pressure is 117 over 76 now, and her O2 levels are in the high 90's. The Doctor said her arteries...
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    juvenile n. rafflesiana

    Several months ago I recieved a small N. rafflesiana from PFT. Now the leaves are at least 6 inches long and the pitchers are about 1 inch and a half long. It appears that the plant is already starting to vine. The problem is that it doesn't look like any N. rafflesiana I have ever seen. The...
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    whats wrong...

    Sorry if this is kind of long. Yesterday I was on the way to the hospital to visit my fiance. She is having heart surgery on monday. Anyway, I was headed up 30th st. by my house, and traffic was moving very slow. There was a transit bus a couple of cars ahead so I couldn't see up ahead, but I...
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    Green open brain

    Have any of you guys ever had an LPS coral detach from it's skeleton? That is exactly what happened to my green open brain. It just separated from the skeleton. The coral looks healthy, expanding, not bleaching, and it has good color. I moved it to a corner of the tank where it gets very little...
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    Will someone please...

    My sarrs are lost in time... My S.flava, S. purpurea spp. venosa, S. X wrigleyana and S. leuco hybrid are all sending up flower stalks. In November. Wazzup with that? Do they not know what time of year it is?
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    I hate it...

    Grrrr My P. primuliflora and my D. filiformis ssp. filiformis are no more. They died for no apparent reason, when all the other plants are thriving. I guess it gets too hot and sunny here. And I didn't have any leaf cuttings either.
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    Order got lost

    Hi all, Has anyone ordered plants from a reputable site only to have the package get lost in the mail? I placed an order with Calif. Carnivores on July 10th. Still no package. I emailed them and they said the package was sent out on the 12th. It must be lost in the mail. They said they will...
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    Unknown nep cuttings

    I posted these in the nep forum but it keeps getting buried and no one is replying. Here are the pics of the whole plants. First, the first plant showing the leaf... Next is the first plant as seen from the top... The second plant as seen from the top... And the whole leaf and pitcher. it...
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    Help me

    Hey all, I recieved 5 nep cuttings about 6 months ago. None of them had tags. 3 of them are producing pitchers now. 1 is still too small to ID, but here are the other 2. I think this one is a maxima but I am not sure....It just opened so it hasn't colored up all the way yet. I think this one...