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  1. Alexis

    Rubra Gulf Giant

    Nope! Just somebody paying way over the odds thanks to a fancy description!
  2. Alexis

    Do Darlingtonia need cool roots?

    Ah, the cobra cold roots myth! It amazes me that people mess about with ice cubes and water pumps. My cobras live in full sun and are kept in conditions no different from sarracenia. They are in big black pots and some are in peat/perlite and some are in live sphagnum. They sit in about 5cm of...
  3. Alexis

    Darlingtonia Question

    Should be fine in your climate. What's with the water pump idea - is that purely because of the darlingtonia? They'll be fine in a normal big garden with sarracenia. No need for fancy setups.
  4. Alexis

    Sarracenia seedling die-off question

    At 93 degrees you might have scorched them, especially if they're young and the roots aren't deep yet. Spraying them probably doesnt help either - sulphur is ok for rhizomes but you don't want seedlings sitting in a puddle of sulphur water I would have thought. Sulphur is pretty ineffective...
  5. Alexis

    Sarracenia wrigleyana care

    Hi. 'The Savage Garden' by Peter D'Amato is a good introductory book.
  6. Alexis

    Sarracenia wrigleyana care

    Yep it would be good for a windowsill. S.x wriglyana is a the name for any hybrid between leucophylla and psittacina. S.x 'Scarlet Belle' is a specific cultivar of this hybrid.
  7. Alexis

    Sudden issue with cephalotus watering methods

    Keep them in a tray of water and don't water from above.
  8. Alexis

    Tallest pitcher yet, just keeps growing!

    Bigger pitchers are normal for the plant in reality. A larger number of smaller pitchers is likely to be because your other division has less roots or is more stressed. Over time it will revert to fewer, but larger pitchers.
  9. Alexis

    Sarracenia from Seed!!

    Nice. Is 'Oke Giant' a specific cultivar, or do you mean minor var. okefenokeensis?
  10. Alexis

    Cooling darlingtonia roots !?!!!!???

    I keep mine in the same setup as my sarracenia - potted up in peat, sitting in a couple of inches of water, in full sun in 90F summer greenhouse heat. They don't need any particular care or ice cube nonsense.
  11. Alexis

    What kind of Sarr seed did you collect this season??

    Empty pod after empty pod here. The 'summer' was so relentlessly cold and wet here, it seems have affected seed production. Worst summer since 1956 here actually. Yuck!
  12. Alexis

    Leucophylla and flava atropurpurea

    Give it time. A more mature pitcher earlier next season might develop a full red colouration.
  13. Alexis

    Jonesii and two unknowns

    Second one looks like rubra ssp. gulfensis to me. The last one is a bit tricky with the pitcher being slightly deformed.
  14. Alexis

    Fungus Problem

    First pitcher is just dying off naturally due to old age. If you're getting deformed pitchers, it looks like an insect problem. Spray with insecticide.
  15. Alexis

    OVFT's sarr pics

    Looks like a flava x alata hybrid. The hooded plant looks like minor x rubra.
  16. Alexis

    Flower Watch 2012

    Brie - your venosa looks like var. montana to me. The triangular hoods that almost meet in the middle would fit.
  17. Alexis

    What Do You get When You Hand-Pollinate....

    I can see one fella didn't make it at the front!
  18. Alexis

    slow growing leucophylla

    Some leucophyllas take a little longer to wake up. If it's just been divided, it might just be laying down some more roots at the moment.
  19. Alexis

    Tarnok Noob Question?

    I think somebody got 2 or 3 seeds out of a flower once. Good luck, but the most likely scenario is going to be no seeds I'm afraid!