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    Long fiber sphagnum

    I placed a layer of LFS on top of my growing medium(peat/perlite) and around my VFTs. The stuff is starting to turn green and it looks like some of it is sprouting small green tendrils. Is this normal? The pots are in my yard and have been for the last week. I noticed the green a few days ago...
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    Seaweed extract

    Is it safe to use as a foliar feed? I plan on using a q-tip to apply fertilizer to the leaves.  I can't find the recommended orchid fertilizers at the moment and the seaweed extract has worked well for me with other plants as a foliar and root feed.
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    Supplies and sources

    Hello, I'm a newbie and just got my first two VFTs from Lowes. I had some trouble finding my first choice in materials and then when I settled on alternatives I was faced with the uncertainty of whether the brands I purchased would be suitable for successful results. I thought it might be...