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  1. 7santiago

    Variegation or just some temporary wierd growth

    A plantlet has grown from my p. moranensis which exhibits variegated growth with undulated margins. To make things even more interesting i have this plant in a tank next to a display case were i store my rocks and mineral collection. Among my most cherished specimens is a small piece of uranium...
  2. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    Im learning chinese, but its really hard so far! Has anyone tried to do this, any website suggestions? shie shie
  3. 7santiago

    EYE floaters....

    I have had eye floaters since may and they are soooo annoying.... just wondering if anyone else has em.
  4. 7santiago


    I constantly look through nasa's sites but I found something today I would have prefured not to find! http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/risk/ the list is sooooooo long, that is for giant rocks that might estinguish all life and humanity. no wonder nostradamus was soo scared about 2007, one of them might...
  5. 7santiago

    Any linux Users out there!?

    When i got my mac i was left with a 80gig, 1gig ram, virus infected pc. so I installed mandriva then slackware then freebsd then solaris then gentoo then SuSe then gentoo again then i failed at installing debian so i installed ubuntu. I finally found the perfect distro ubuntu, a...
  6. 7santiago

    Bog pics

    Yesterday I went outside and took a couple of pictures of my tiny tiny tiny bog in the morning and the afternoon. It cost me $15-ish to make (not including the plants) It has kept many plants in zone 6-7 (im in the middle of the border) alive and healthy. entire garden d. madagascariensis-...
  7. 7santiago

    utricualaria, ny native.

    I recently made a nice large pond and in order to get that bacteria sludge ecosystem thingy going I went to miller pond in merrick, I collected a bucket of pond water and then when i was going to collect native plants. I started with duckweed and then a few strands of cabomba caroliniana. There...
  8. 7santiago

    My U. Gibba is flowering!

    I was looking through my terrarium whne i noticed my U. gibba was producing these spirating stockes piersing through the film of the water and about half an inch high! I thought it was actually going to die as the entire cup of water evaporated when a third of my collection was horribly burned...
  9. 7santiago


    Ok its been driving me crazy so now i just have to ask What does the forum look like in the eyes of the moderators...what buttons and option thingys do you guys have? Also if possible could you include a screenshot as well?
  10. 7santiago

    Whats your favorite band?

    Im just currious as to what the forum listens to... So, whats your favorite band/ singer? edit: bands/singers Mine is and allways will be Coldplay.
  11. 7santiago


    I just got a 20gallon long tank and i put a couple of incandesent plant light bulds and these lights are foging the entire tank. How do you deal/remove with this?
  12. 7santiago

    Best bloomer

    Which of your utrics is your best bloomer? For me it is my U. livida
  13. 7santiago

    Meet your meat

    This is why i havn't eaten a peice of flesh since i was five years old There was a time when this happened to humans, it was called the holocaust I am a proud vegan. join me and hear the prayers of those who morn website with a movie of the average meat factory.
  14. 7santiago


    Unfortunately half my collection was burned by grow lamps, To replenish the population in my small collection i will be trading byblis seeds for specimens of almost any plant i do not have in my growlist. thank you. edit: oops i almost forgot, these are byblis liniflora seeds.
  15. 7santiago

    Oh great....

    I just lost almost a fourth of my collection to my brother... i was going on a school six flags trip and left my brother with the responsibility of watering the terrariums. Bad mistake!!!! half my collection burned and now im in ruins... its a good thing i only had my common sundews and...
  16. 7santiago


    I noticed talim has his own cultivar, so im interested, how do you submitt a cultivar?
  17. 7santiago

    im thinking of a number,1-20

    I have two fun games im going to play, im going to raffle off a total of 14 byblis seeds my goal is to get more members to grow byblis plants. 1. the first raffle is for 7 deffinate b. liniflora seeds quallifications: at least four sundew or butterwort species in your collection A high...
  18. 7santiago


    Two months have past and now i regret planting these! they are blocking the light to my other plants, but love them! please excuse my bad photography btw its a storage box with a lamp using a 50 watt plant light. the sides are covered with aluminum and magnify the tiny lamp. The botom is a...
  19. 7santiago

    is it normal?

    Well, i have a sandersonii who's leafs look like the end of a fork, the ends of the leafs fork many times. is it normal?
  20. 7santiago

    im getting a new computer

    Exactly what is the diffrence between a mac and a windows. I have heard macs are alot better, but why? Does anyone in this forum have a mac?