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  1. boarderlib

    (PAID) (adnedarn $42) Edge grain cutting board for auction

    I'm going to do something a little different here. I'm going to auction off 1 of 2 cutting boards. I'll picture both and allow the auction winner to decide which board they like best and that will be the board they receive. Up for auction is an edge grain cutting board hand crafted by me. I...
  2. boarderlib

    NASC What we do

    First off I would like to introduce myself, I'm Heath current vice president of the North American Sarracenia Conservancy. I would also like to apologize for the delay in getting this thread posted, but I think it's important to remember we are all volunteers. This thread will be an active...
  3. boarderlib

    **PAID**(kdlaws $19) Nepenthes spec

    Up for auction is a N.spec. I'll post a pic of the tag to give you a better ID on the plant, it's a lot to type out. This is another small plant at about 3" across. If you like dark highland plants, this will be right up your alley. First pic is the label. Second pic is the exact plant up for...
  4. boarderlib

    **PAID**(Cichvette $28) Nepenthes Albomarginata red auction

    Up for auction is a small Nepenthes albomarginata red. The plant pictured (with the tag) is the exact plant you will receive. I've also attached a photo of a pitcher from my larger plant, so you can see what you'll have down the road. The plant is about 4" across with about 3/4" pitchers. The...
  5. boarderlib

    *PAID*(bluemax $20) Green pink bundle VFT/Sarracenia

    Up for auction I have a medium Megatraps division, and a small S.leucophylla hybrid. Here's a pic of the Megatraps division you will receive. The plant is a little etoliated still from a fridge dormancy, but it's putting up new growth. I really can't tell you much about the history of the...
  6. boarderlib

    *PAID*(seige $35) Burgundy Bundle VFT/Sarracenia

    Up for auction I have a small Maroon Monster division and a small S.leucophylla 'burgundy' x dark pink. The Maroon Monster has some etoliated growth because I did a fridge dormancy, but it's been out for a few weeks now and is starting to put up new growth. The picture is the exact plant you...
  7. boarderlib


    Hey guys/gals I'm on the lookout for D Linearis and D Capillaris seeds. Preferably with a more northern location on the Capillaris. I'm ready to buy today. Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk