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    Drosera Regia Stressed?

    As long as it's not dropping below freezing outside, the Regia should be fine with the nighttime temperature drop, if not thrive in it. I might give it a spray of Miticide as well just in case. Mites are a silent killer of D. Regia in my experience, and I take preventative measures any time one...
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    PAID (kruegersc4 $55) murfetii

    Plant Received!
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    Automatic watering suggestions

    You can do this with drip irrigation systems, such as sold by 'Rain Bird', and they sell this stuff in most hardware stores. I've put a few of these together for use in landscaping. You basically have a larger hose, then put holes in it to connect smaller hoses which end in emitters that drip or...
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    PAID (Howland $27) Seed Grown Drosera Regia 'King Sundew'

    Up for auction is a seed grown D. regia. The longest leaves are about 5". Photos of the plant (Google Drive links): Photo 1 Photo 2 Winner pays $8 shipping, US shipping only. Plant will be shipped potted. PM me upon winning for shipping/contact info. Opening Bid: $5
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    Can you help me identify this unknown Nepenthes?

    Those look pretty close, thank you. Hopefully with a few more leaf-jumps worth of growth it will be more obvious.
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    Can you help me identify this unknown Nepenthes?

    Hello all, I grew these from seed and I don't know what they are. They have grown pretty quickly in highland conditions and are currently about 1 1/2 years old. Any help is appreciated, thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cZsSGXQE7ohSOJdc6ULt8eBH0NONbkha/view?usp=sharing...
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    For Trade My Male Nepenethes Spathulata x Campanulata is flowering

    This is flowering again! If someone has a flowering female and is interested, let me know.
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    What have I done??/ tips for winterizing??

    I would say it looks like sunburn or temperature shock. And it might get worse before it gets better; sometimes plants have a delayed reaction to things. But it's weird that it happened when bringing them inside. I would think the opposite...
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    Is this a real Nepenthes Jamban or an imposter?

    I added some more photos to the original post. Hopefully that will help.
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    Is this a real Nepenthes Jamban or an imposter?

    Hello, I bought a Nepenthes Jamban some months ago, sold as a seed grown plant, and am starting to suspect that it is not a true breed. Unfortunately, I bought it before I heard that the vendor has a 'history' (I won't mention who it is as the rules seem to forbid it). Though the plant is still...
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    Need help figuring out what I’m doing wrong with my D Regia

    I think Humidity, at least for Regia, is overrated. I grew Regia during the winter in Colorado (only lived there for a few months) in an open room under T5s, and by the time I moved away they were looking better than when I brought them there. I don't remember the humidity I was measuring, but I...
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    For Trade D. Regia Seedlings for trade (looking 4 N. Dubia, Lowii, Jacquelineae, Jamban, other)

    I have some D. Regia Seedlings for trade. I am most interested in Nepenthes Lowii, N. Ephippiata, N. Dubia, and N. Jacquelineae, along with any hybrids of these or other toilet bowl Nepenthes I don't have. I'm also interested in any fanged or ridged Nepenthes like Hamata or Villosa (wishful...
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    I'm no good at germinating Regia and drosophyllum. They do better if I neglect

    I germinate D. Regia In a pot of 50/50 perlite/LFS, with about an inch of peat moss on top to give the seedlings a flat wet surface to germinate. I just keep them wet and give them lots of sun/light. I don't think they're damaged by too much sun. Sometimes I make a humidity tent with a plastic...
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    For Trade My Male Nepenethes Spathulata x Campanulata is flowering

    Hey all, I have a Male N. Spathulata x Campanulata flowering. I could send pollen (or do it locally if you are near Portland, OR), and we can split the seeds. Of course more interesting hybrids are preferred, but I'm looking to get some experience growing Nepenthes from seed so I don't have too...
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    Possible Root Rot - Opinions

    Thanks for the replies. I don't think the rot was from lack of water or getting root bound as the plant was very small and is watered by hand when necessary and with a misting system, keeping the soil quite moist. The most I could do was take leaf cuttings of the outer, still green sections of...