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    Interesting effects....on Cps

    After reading a post here about propagating Sundews and Butterworts aquatically, I decided to try something similar myself. I put a P. Primulifora(seedling), 2 D. Muscipula(seedlings), and 2 D. Adelae(leaves) in a glass of water(covered) next to my propagating trays under bright florescent...
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    Ghost Hermit?

    6 months earlier: My brother got three hermit crabs and named them Joey, Katie, and Speedy. He also wrote the names on their shells. Within the first week, Joey (the shy one) had been eaten while trying to molt. I found his big claw and two of his legs in the corner, but not his shell...
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    New Carnivorous Plant?

    This was on the Cp Listserve. I'm just passing it along. Morbid huh? Mike
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    I hate worms.....

    Yesterday my computer crashed. It had been giving us problems for a couple days already, but we didn't realize it was a virus until it was too late. Plus, it spread to my dad's laptop and crashed that too. We weren't able to salvage anything (including photos) because my dad was afraid that if...
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    I'm trying to compile a list of every plant from South America I can keep in a 55 gal tank (realistically). I'm going for a completely natural setup with Poison Dart Frogs, and a couple fish (suggestions?). Any plants at all will do. I just need a list to start from. So far I have: Heliamphora...
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    Playing Hookie

    Well, I'm home on a school day, again. My bus just never came. That, or it was running more than an hour late, and I missed it. I doubt it though. My parents couldn't come and get me, so all I can do is sit here and type. I need something to do, but I can't think of anything else. If you know...
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    Mature cane size on a dendrobium

    About how tall does a cane have to be on a D. Phalaenopsis (sp?) before it matures and flowers under optimal conditions. Thanks, Mike
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    Nepenthes identification

    I have two unidentified nepenthes. I'm at a loss as to what they are, but I have some info that may help. Nep #1 Bought at Cook's CP. It is a fast growing lowland hybrid. Leaves turn a coppery color for a short while in high light. Came labeled as N. x 'Wrigleyana', but I doubt that's what it...
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    New way to encourage basal shoots.

    I recently read a book about greenhouses. In the book there was a section on how to control the growth of plants in a greenhouse, specifically vines. It said you could slow the growth of a plant at a certain point just by shaking or squezing that part for 30 seconds everyday. It said you could...
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    Registering a cultivar

    If I bought a Cp at a retail store and it was different from any other cultivar of the same genus(A mutation), could I register it with the ICPS as cultivar of mine even though I bought it? And if I could, how would I go about doing that? Thanks, Mike
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    Dionaea propagation

    I remember reading somewhere that you can cut a Vft flowerstalk into sections, place the sections in damp sphagnum, and small plantlets will grow from the sections. I know for a fact you can use the flowerstalk base for propagation. But I haven't tried this before. Does anyone know if this...
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    Vft 'red traps' ?

    I haven't seen a color form like this before. Can you help me out here? Thanks, Mike
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    Cool slime molds

    I found a "Slime Mold"(if that's what their called) in my lowland terrarium a couple of days ago. It moved up the glass for a couple of days and dissappeared once it reached the top. Then I found a couple more, they followed the same pattern. Now I'm wondering, can these things hurt the glass in...
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    Feeding a vft cutting?

    Do you think that feeding a Vft cutting will assist the cutting in producing plantlets, or kill it from stress? Mike
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    Passion flower care

    I bought a few "Perfumed Passion Flower" seeds at a Gardens in Pennsylvania. Are there any tips on germinating/growing them? Do think they would do well in a 29 gallon aquarium? Thanks, Mike Edit: The scientific name is Passiflora Alata.
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    Salt water aquarium

    I'm hoping to set up a 10 gallon saltwater aquarium, with coral, soon. I have a heater, water filter (not the under gravel kind), and some of that Stress coat stuff I got from another Kit. What else do I need, and what do I have to do weekly/monthly/yearly, maintainance wise? Thanks, Mike
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    Cp from stores, nurseries, ect...

    I've been looking for CP in stores like Lowe's and in tropical plant nurseries for a while now. This is what I've found: Drosera spatulata D. adelae Dionaea muscipula 'Typical' D. muscipula 'Dente' D. muscipula 'Cross teeth' (only appears on every few traps) D. muscipula 'Giant' (Don't know...
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    Identify this nep.......

    I bought this Nep about two months ago from Cook's as a cutting. But apparently there was some mix up and I didn't get an N. X 'Effulgent Koto'. So I would like to know what it is. I am currently growing it under lowland conditions with lots of light. This pitcher is four inches tall...
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    If this isn't strange,

    Yesterday Morning it was 70 F outside, with clear skies expected. Then, later in the day, we were under a severe thunder storm/tornado warning, with golf ball size hail expected. Then, this morning, I woke up and looked out the window. There's TWO inches of snow on the ground! Now were under a...
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    Grafting nepenthes

    Has anyone ever tried grafting Nepenthes? What types of grafts do you think will work? What might happen if you grafted a slow growing nep like N. Lowii onto a faster growing Nep like N. Gracilis? Would it be possible to have male and female flowers on the same plant? Thanks, Mike