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  1. ChefDean

    Looking For (To Buy) ISO Dionaea Muscipula "FTS Trigger Happy"

    As the title says, I'm looking to see if anyone has any divisions of FTS Trigger Happy available. Asking for a friend. Thank you, Chef
  2. ChefDean

    Give Away D. Burmannii "Humpty Doo" seeds

    My Humpty Doo was pretty productive last year, but passed on over the winter. I have tried to grow them from seed, and I can get them to sprout, but they don't make it past the seedling stage. I'm going to try one more time, but I think someone else should get a chance at growing some. I have...
  3. ChefDean

    Any guesses

    Sorry for the low quality pic, but the site wouldn't let me post the big pic. Any idea on what species of sundew this may be? It came in a pack that I was told was 99.9% Cape Alba, but this guy showed up. The leaves look like they're growing out of the stalk, not the center point like a Cape...
  4. ChefDean

    Suggestions wanted

    My wife wants a Nep, and I wouldn't mind getting her one. However, I have my own cp babies and would most likely end up taking over its care. With that in mind, is there a type of Nep that would be OK on a windowsill for a good chunk of the year, relatively easy and hardy, and stay small? By...
  5. ChefDean

    Is this something to worry about?

    I was looking at my Drosera seedlings and found this. I actually found two of them, both about the same size. I have five little shooters with seedlings, all with LFS, but I could only see these worms in one, the one I plucked both worms out of. Both are about 1 mm long, 1.5 mm stretched out...
  6. ChefDean

    Leaf cuttings/pullings

    Good morning from Tennessee. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough to find this info, but I was wondering how long it might take to see results from Cape cuttings/pullings? Or if I'm even barking up the wrong tree with this? I recently received three Cape Alba's and, as the leaves in shock began to...
  7. ChefDean

    Free range Sarrs

    I'm curious. I live in Tennessee, which does have a few populations of Sarrs, the Parrot Pitcher is mentioned quite a bit, so I know the climate is conducive to them. But has anyone tried to grow their own free range sarrs by creating a suitable habitat? What successes have you had? What...
  8. ChefDean

    Frozen crickets

    I'm going to get myself a VFT soon, but it will primarily be indoors and will only catch the very occasional housefly. I've read that many people will buy a dozen crickets from a pet store, freeze them, then thaw and warm them to room temperature as needed for feeding FT's as well as other CP's...
  9. ChefDean

    Jelly-like substance around seeds

    Good day all. I am attempting to grow some vft's from seed and I have a question that I cannot find an answer for. From this forum and other sources, mostly this forum, I see that there are many different opinions on the "best" way to grow vft's, so I pretty much opted for the easiest method for...
  10. ChefDean

    Signs of germination

    Good day all. I have finally received my (allegedly) D. Derbyensis seeds about a month ago, and am in the process of trying to germinate them. (Allegedly because, based on other posted descriptions of these seeds, they don't look like D. Derbyensis seeds.) Anywho, I've had them in the media for...
  11. ChefDean


    I am getting into trying my hand at seed germination (Drosera Derbyensis, Dionaea Muscipula, and a Nepenthes hybrid) and was wondering if fertilizer would be OK for sundews after germination? I've kept fly traps, sundews, and pitchers, I got them bare root and dormant, and used fertilizer on the...