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    Thanks Copper

    Copper, jimscott just gave me a few packets of plants and seeds today, and he said you were the supplier. I just wanted to thank you. Wish I had some CP's to offer in trade, but I am only getting started with the CP's. The best I could do are some spider plants or some Jade plants....I've got...
  2. J

    Tissue Culture Instructions???

    Thanks Nick...I'll check that out.
  3. J

    Tissue Culture Instructions???

    I am looking for some detailed instructions on how to propagate CP’s with tissue cultures. I found some info on the Net but it didn't get into very much detail about the agar, and what cuttings or tissues are used, etc. I realize it’s probably complicated, but the info I saw didn't look too bad...
  4. J

    Weeping Willow

    That is pretty much what I heard, You take a jar, fill it with some smaller weeping willow twigs cut to a size that fits in the jar, and top it off with water. I assumed you let it soak for a little while. But then it said you can take cuttings and dip the cut end into the water before...
  5. J

    Is Concrete Good?

    Don't know if you want to go to this much trouble, but you can get "Liquid PVC" somewhere on the Internet. It is a 2 part mix like epoxy but it is more of a liquid. It hardens pretty fast (2-2.5 min.) but after it hardens its just like white PVC pipe.