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  1. larry

    Amorphophallus titanum blooming at CSUF

    Titan Arum / Corpse Flower / Amorphophallus titanum blooming at Cal State Fullerton Biology Greenhouse. The first one is done blooming, but there's a second one that should open any day now. If you're local, come see it!
  2. larry

    Free Sarrs

    Free Sarrs, local pickup only. I live in Pomona Ca, 91766 Must take all, message me if you want them. Photo here https://www.flickr.com/gp/bigflytrap/0X80nz
  3. larry

    Clash of Clans

    Anybody play this game on iOS? My buddies from work got me playing, and I've been playing for several months. I have a love/hate relationship with this game, but I find it fun enough to keep playing. Oh cool, it's available for Android now.
  4. larry

    Biophytum Sensitivum

    Anybody know where I can find seeds for Biophytum Sensitivum?
  5. larry

    CP street lamps

  6. larry

    Giant Australian stick bug

    Here's some pics of a Giant Prickly Stick Insect, Extatosoma tiaratum. I think it's a female. She is not mine, she's on loan from somebody. I think she looks like something you would see in Mad Max or some post apocalyptic movie :D Higher resolution versions can be found on my flickr page.
  7. larry

    Flower mantis pics

    An Orchid mantis Spiny Flower Mantis
  8. larry


    Pretty female eating a Turkistan roach, yummy :-D
  9. larry

    Kitty needs forever home.

    My neighbor found this stray kitty, he needs a loving home. If you live in LAC / OC / SGV and want to adopt him, message me.
  10. larry

    Cryptic mantis

    Took this little lady out for a photoshoot. She's camera shy. Walking in a minefield, she made it out alive. :)
  11. larry

    Male budwing mantis

    Took these guys out for a photo shoot. Thirsty little guy
  12. larry

    Looking for Drosera filiformis

    Looking for some Drosera filiformis, different varieties. I especially like the all red ones. Looking for plants or seeds. Got some baby praying mantis to trade or other CP's, just let me know what you have.
  13. larry

    My Cephalotus

    I grow this guy under flourescent lights, thought I'd take it out and let it bask in the sun since it's such a nice day today. :)
  14. larry

    Trip to San Diego

    My turn for epic photo thread ;) Went to San Diego about 2 weeks ago. Didn't go see thez, we didn't have enough time and it was on a friday, she was probably at work anyways. It was pouring rain while driving there. At around 2 the skies cleared up and the sun came out, it was beautiful. Was...
  15. larry


    Found these mosquito larvae in a bucket of water. Been hoping the mommas would lay their eggs in it and they finally did. I'll take more photos when they turn into pupae, and if I'm lucky, I'll get to witness an adult mosquito hatching. I got them in a closed container, no worries about escapees ;)
  16. larry

    Abstract sundews

    Spring is kinda here, things are growing. Sundews make such great subjects :) To view them full size, you can view them on my flickr page, linked in my sig.
  17. larry

    First bugs of the season

    Feels like spring is here, finally seeing some flies and the ants are out too.
  18. larry

    Dead leaf mantis babies

    Oh glorious day, what a way to finish off the year. I woke up yesterday and found that my D. dessicata ooth hatched. I saw 2 nymphs, checked back several hours later and no more has hatched out, was a bit disappointed. Late that night, I check on them and wow, I count 24 nymphs! This is so...
  19. larry

    Phidippus jumper

    Finally, I found my first Phidippus spider! Been looking for one for a while. I wasn't even looking, was sweeping on my patio and noticed a black spider. Caught it, still not knowing what it was, just knew I've never photographed one of these before. It wasn't after I started taking these...
  20. larry

    Mantis vs Predalien

    Just having some fun. :)