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    Collecting is a hobby which is both painful and joyous Any 1 collect oddities, antiques, guns, etc? I'll post a few pics that I have something different :-O (scroll down please ) https://www.etsy.com/listing/156947635/real-atlas-moth-cocoons-in-case-reserved?ref=favs_view_20...
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    Ca concerts

    For all the ones around Southern CA and related areas that appreciate real music, Mettalica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax will ALL be performing live at Indio CA on April 23, 2011 Sat Honestly I never heard of 4 major bands in the planet being in one show U KNOW U GOTTA GO!!!!!! Even if I'm...
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    PC Gamers Unite!!!

    This is out this month YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :boogie: U know u gotta have it, n you know this!!!!!!! :-)) :hail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2feqiF9bgc Civilization 5
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    Please sign this!!!

    The proposed banning of pet sales in the city of San Fransisco has potential to spill to other cities and states. As responsible keepers we know and understand the unfair impact this move can generate to the whole pet nation which is not an option!!! Please sign this and at least be a part of...
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    Math for TF

    I know we have many young members in TF and some maybe in the stage of giving deep thought to their future education. I;m sharing this with all, it's a very good mathematics tutor www.mathtutordvd.com even if you are a math genius it's still great reference maybe for some 1 u know. Check out...
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    Crayola Revolution

    I'm sure many here would like to share this with their kids, and all the other kids they know . "crayon physics deluxe" is the name, enjoy the rocket zooming to the tower's peak :) amazing it's like in some dream haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGpMu0NIOFY&feature=related And i also wanna...
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    Knowledge freaks

    Im allowed to recommend other interesting forums right? I notice some / handful of use are in to the reading and research know as much as u can type deal. To swords, rattler, hermopolis (the ones i've seen to luv learning) and to any 1 else id like to recommend "thescienceforum.com" technical...
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    Pacman fans

    There's gotta be at least a few in tf that saw the fight, any one people? share your thoughts here if u'd like :-O it gets harder and harder to loose faith in him when he makes punching bags out of enemies time after time :P
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    So the kind Drew offered to give me a bundle of spatulatas and it will be my 1rst :-O. But my concerns arise when I dont have the proper equipment, he tells me he uses some heat lamps which i won't have, Drew advices me to give them sunlight everyday to maintain light nutrient levels but...
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    Yoyo fans

    Another mind boggling toy catches the "all like" man Plantea, to our younger members are any of you yoyo fans or at least have knowledge/experience on them? I am definitely getting me one within 1 month after some research if u can help that is great! the only brand I know of is Duncan, any...
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    Interesting documentary

    Well then people I am obviously new to the forum and had the chance to chat with some of you and I would like to share this documentary that I have watched on youtube with EVERYONE. It is titled "ring of power" parts 1 to 30, yes it is kinda long but u don't have to finish it in 1 sitting...
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    Reptiles + cps yey!!!!!!

    What do u think makes the ownership of reptiles and CPs such a great combination?
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    Hello!!!!!!!!! My name is miguel@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there people!!!!! My name is Miguel and I am here to learn it all!!!!. I am a complete beginner to carnivorous plants but I am there for the long haul on learning this trade, in my opinion (which is actually not an opinion but an absolute truth lol) this is 1 of the most exiting and EXOTIC...
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    Carnivorous Plant Library (PLEASE HELP!!!)

    Hello I am a beginner in the hobby and new to this forum HI ALL!!!! A true way to learn is to ask as much experts as I can find bout the best of the best ground braking books written on the subject. Please help me build a carnivorous plant library, I am looking for books on beginners all the...