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  1. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    I found these bugs in a closed cup of ceph leaf pulls. The have a shiny black abdomen and 2 pretty good sized antenna compared to it's body. Small, like mite size, maybe slightly larger. Capable of decent speeds, faster than mites for sure.
  2. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    Hey I have some little N. attenboroughii seedlings that I just noticed have some small white bugs running around in there. I was thinking maybe aphids or something any help is appreciated.
  3. Randoja

    What is this? Cephalotus ball?

    I was messing around with one of my cephs, looking for new growth, kinda scraping some crud off the side of the stalk when this popped out. I believe it's part of the plant. Did this ceph just make a gemmae lol?
  4. Randoja

    Insects in my Cephalotus

    Found a few of these guys creeping around my Ceph media when I was watering today. Help with ID would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Randoja

    Advice on potting plant with broken stalk.

    Hey guys, I got this plant today and the stalk was broken. Any advice on how to go about potting it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to ensure it's survival.
  6. Randoja

    What's wrong with this plant?

    I have this poi dog Nepenthes that recently has had some troubling signs on it's leaves. It's growing in my tent at 86-88 F and 70-75% humidity by day, 65 F 90-95% humidity at night. This is the only plant doing this. Most everything is really thriving. It should be noted this plant has always...
  7. Randoja

    Testing out the Beamworks LED Pent 36" HI Lumen Timer Ready 6500K on Cephalotus

    Hey guys I just picked up this 36 inch LED for 60 bucks here. http://www.aquatraders.com/LED-Aquarium-Lighting-Beamswork-Pent-HI-Lumen-p/56366p.htm. Hopefully my cephs will like it. I'll be running it for 12 on 12 off and it's about 7 inches from the plants it has 5700 lumens and 6500k LEDs. I...
  8. Randoja

    Variation in HL and LL tendril lengths?

    I want to propose a question with some pics for comparison. All of these leaves are at close to the same point in development. You will note that 2 have significantly longer tendrils. Is the tendril length before the leaf unfurls, in any way indicative of HL or LL genetics? Would love to hear...
  9. Randoja

    Grow tent question.

    Friday I have the same grow tent arriving that is in this video. I really like the setup and am going to try to emulate it. My only concern is with lighting. I have a New Wave 44 and Sunblaze 22. I'm no expert so I can't really identify what fixtures he is using. My question is are my fixtures...
  10. Randoja

    New plant pest problem?

    Hey guys, I received this plant last week but was out of town until today. I wad told that it's source is kind of notorious for pests. There are these brownish black spots on the underside of leaves and stalk. I tried to scrape one off and couldnt so it seems to be in the leaves. Im going to hit...
  11. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Hello there, I'm Randoja. My plan is to keep this thread updated with the progress of my plants and photos of any new ones I get as well. Everything is setup in just one south window. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about my plants, as well as receive any advice or suggestions you...