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  1. Alexkrein82

    Free orchids!

    Hello everybody! I have been collecting orchids for fair amount of time now and love every single one, that being said I about a year ago got a sarracenia purpurea from a friend and fell hard for cps too. I recently did a little spring cleaning so to speak and tried to free up some space. I...
  2. Alexkrein82

    Sarracenia Question!

    Hey everybody that actually reads this! I've collected orchids for a while and within the last year and a half have been collecting CPs. I saw some sarracenia minor in situ and fell in love with them. Before long I had a decent collection but gravitated to nepenthes mostly only in the last 6...
  3. Alexkrein82

    Albomarginata Kuching spotted

    I have a 6-7" n.albomarginata I'd like to trade. Looking for lowland neps or anything with veitchii in it. Thanks
  4. Alexkrein82

    Mounting nepenthes

    Hey everyone that reads this. Ok so I know that there are some species of nepenthes, like veitchii, that are epiphytes and grow mounted their entire lives. That being said I think I've seen only one or two in cultivation that grow mounted. I'm curious of why that is. Is it hard? Is it a humidity...
  5. Alexkrein82

    Looking for low land nepenthes

    Hello all, I am looking for lowland/ultra lowland nepenthes. My greenhouse here in Florida seems to be perfect for them. I have many plants from carnivorous plants and orchids. Message me if you have some and I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks everyone. -alex
  6. Alexkrein82

    Yet another nepenthes without a name

    Hey I was curious if anybody had a guess as to what this could be. It looks like it definetly has maxima in it, but what else? Thanks Instagram
  7. Alexkrein82

    Help with nepenthes ID

    Instagram Instagram Anybody have an idea what these nepenthes could be? Thanks in advance
  8. Alexkrein82

    New nepenthes robcantleyi X nepenthes veitchii help

    Hey everyone. I just bought a n.robcantleyi X n.veitchii. It's in great condition and in the month I've had it I haven't seen any shock/change for the worse. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to getting as close to perfect conditions as I can, so I was curious if anyone had any specific to this...
  9. Alexkrein82

    Free nepenthes ventrata

    Hey everybody, I bought this old lady's orchid/plant collection last week and she had a medium sized n.ventrata. Seeing how I've have a giant one that's taking over my greenhouse rafters I really have no room for this species. I'm not a species snob I just have zero room for plants I have. I...
  10. Alexkrein82

    Rooted nepenthes Miranda cutting

    I have a rooted nepenthes Miranda cutting. It currently has it's first open pitchers that are around 4". The plant is in a hanging pot and is approx 10" across the leaves. I am looking for any sarracenia I do not have. I only have about two species of them so there's a good chance I don't have...
  11. Alexkrein82

    Does anyone know where I can find Nepenthes Ampullaria?

    Hey I'm looking to for a nepenthes Ampullaria of any form and have had no luck finding one. I was hoping that maybe someone, who's awesome, could maybe point me in a direction. I don't care which form because I really like them all. I've checked the more known dealers but have had no luck...
  12. Alexkrein82

    Anyone want to swap bulbophyllum cuttings?

    I didnt know if this is the spot for this but, I'm looking for someone who would be interested in trading some bulbophyllum cuttings. I have over 30 species but am always looking for more. Message me if you have something you wouldn't mind cutting. I'm working on a grow list but feel free to ask...
  13. Alexkrein82

    Nepenthes Bicalcarata

    Hey I am looking for a n.bicalcarata of small or medium size. Please message me if you have one to trade and we can try to work something out. Any form will do as I have none. Thanks. You're awesome.
  14. Alexkrein82

    Tillandsia Xerographica

    I have a good size tillandsia Xerographica available to trade. I know it's not carnivorous but I have a few and don't have need/room for more. Of the two I have available one is 10"-11" the other slightly larger. Looking for anything carnivorous. Pm me for pics. These can get 2'-2.5' when in...
  15. Alexkrein82

    Drosera binata & drosera capensis alba seeds

    I have a lot of drosera binata and drosera capensis alba form if anyone is interested! Thanks you guys are awesome. I'm really just looking for any seeds anyone has. I really just want to pass these on to someone who will want them so I don't waste them as I have about 80 binatas growing.
  16. Alexkrein82

    Nepenthes Alata

    I have several 6"-8" wide rooted Nepenthes Alata plants. They all have nice pitchers on them and are in great health. The colors on these are super variable with some being almost all red while others are mostly green. Grown in my greenhouse in central FL. I am interested in most if not all...
  17. Alexkrein82

    I have D.binata seed, D.capensis alba seed willing to trade

    I have a good amount of binata and alba capensis seed for trade if anyone is interested. I recently germinated some of each and they did great! Make an offer! You guys are awesome!!! Thanks!!