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  1. Capensis

    The NASC Auction Discussion/Request Thread

    Feel free to discuss anything relating to the NASC Benefit Auction as conversing in the actual auction threads may confuse people counting up the total amount of money raised and the like. I myself got confused yesterday sometimes. And while I'm at it, I'll take the liberty of periodically...
  2. Capensis

    Your Mind - It Will Be Blown

    Explore the size comparisons of various objects in the universe. The Scale of the Universe: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/525347
  3. Capensis

    Death Cube Rescues and a Question

    My mom is awesome. :> she went to Lowes to get some garden plants, and she said she had a surprise for me. She came back with a very healthy Darlingtonia. I was very astonished because I never thought I'd have one in my collection for a long time. I asked her if there were any other types and...
  4. Capensis

    This Is Truly an Epic Fail

  5. Capensis

    Dormancy 2009

    As the title says, this thread is dedicated to this year's dormancy, so feel free to post whatever dormancy pictures you would like to share. :) Anyway, it's the time of year again (although the time was probably a few months ago for you guys LOL). Seeing that my plants were definitely dormant...
  6. Capensis

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you all have a good one. :)
  7. Capensis

    Deformities Are Cool.

    Deformed N. bongso 'purple' pitcher:
  8. Capensis

    "Guess Who?" CP Style

    Because TF has been lacking a game for a while. *PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST* Basically, it's Guess Who? except it's with carnivorous plants. Some rules are modified however, but this is how it goes: I start off (or the person who guess correctly) and pick a plant, and you guys begin to guess...
  9. Capensis

    Nepenthes Outside

    Y hallo thar, this coming spring, I'm hoping to get some Nepenthes to put outside. The Nepenthes that came in mind were N. rafflesiana, N. ampullaria, and N. bicalarata. But since I don't see a reasonably sized rafflesiana, I was thinking of replacing it with another Nepenthes. So, the question...
  10. Capensis

    Saturn's "New" Ring

    I found this highly interesting how a ring that can fit 1,000,000,000+ Earths was just now discovered by infrared. Article: http://news.aol.com/article/california-nasa-telescope-sees-giant/706628?icid=main|aim|dl1|link3|http://news.aol.com/article/california-nasa-telescope-sees-giant/706628
  11. Capensis

    Are these good for them?

    I decided to start feeding my Nepenthes and while I was at the store today, I got some Betta fish pellets which I've heard does wonders. So are these it?
  12. Capensis

    Is This What I Think It Is...?

    Is this my Cephalotus's first mature pitcher? Or even an almost mature pitcher? I will explode of happiness if it is...I've had this plant for over a year now, and it seems like it's finally time to make bigger pitchers. :) This pitcher seems different than the others that are forming. It's...
  13. Capensis

    Leaves Looking a Bit Funky.

    So, recently, some of my N. inermis x bongso's leaves are getting weird marks/coloring. The lastest leaf doesn't show any sign of discoloration, but it just recently opened and it could possibly happen afterwards. Thoughts? As far as I can see, there are no pests.
  14. Capensis

    Newly Discovered Genus

    OH, YES. You read that right! Recently today, a new genus of CP has been discovered...and it's quite odd: As you can see, it's the platypus of CPs. It looks like different Sarracenias patched together. You can see what looks like S. flava, purpurea, alata, leucophylla, and minor...
  15. Capensis

    Going somewhere again. :)

    I'm leaving to the Dominican Republic for about 10 days. Bye. :D I'll see if I'll bring my camera.
  16. Capensis

    Medanos de Coro/Sand Dunes of Coro Picture Thread

    These pictures are from my trip to Venezuela. Went to some neat place, but this was by far my favorite place. Los Medanos de Coro, or the Sand Dunes of Coro in English. I've never been to a desert like this before, so it was a breath taking experience. And these pictures just don't do its...
  17. Capensis

    S. x 'Dana's Delight' Is Phyllodia Crazy! :P

    Yep. My S. x 'Dana's Delight' is making phyllodia like crazy. Hehe. Anyone having similiar growth patterns with their Sarracenias? I know phyllodia are used for photosynthesis purposes, but does S. x 'Dana's Delight' really need THAT much sun compared to others? None of my other Sarracenias...
  18. Capensis

    The Good, the Bad, and the Not-THAT Ugly. DUW!

    Got back home 2:30 am this morning. Here are how the plants are. The Good: D. aliciae and mystery dews. The D. aliciae took being alone very well. Alice is a big girl now...*Sniff* They grow up so fast. D: : N. singalana's first pitcher under my care. Still has some coloring up to do: N...
  19. Capensis

    Going away for a while.

    Well, it's summer break again, so I'm leaving tonight at 2 am (I'm not even going to sleep...I'm just going to play Brawl with my brothers. LOL). I'll still get on, but not every single day. But I have a few question... How do you think Nepenthes will take sitting in water for three weeks? Do...
  20. Capensis

    Picture thread. Yay.

    I haven't been able to post pictures for awhile since my camera broke, but my brother let me have his, and I love it. It takes way better macro shots. Here ya go! N. sanguinea: Highland tank: N. spectabilis x aristolochioides: Latest pitcher: New, developing pitcher. I have high hopes...