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  1. EdaxFlamma

    Some Utricularia bladder close-ups

    You could also cut a piece of window screen or other suitable mesh to fit the large diameter of the liquor bottle you have there and let them grow into the neck. The fact that you have a cap on the end would actually make it very convenient to do water changes without disrupting the plant itself.
  2. EdaxFlamma

    LF prickly pears and dragon fruit seeds or pads/cuttings

    It was what I would consider the "basic" variety. Pink outside with white flesh dotted with black seeds. Texture was like a combination of kiwi and pear complete with the sensation of sclereids. Very bland over all. The flavors were there if you wanted to find them but very subtle.
  3. EdaxFlamma

    Christmas Cephalotus Giveaway

    Garlic? (multiple yet independent guesses allowed?)
  4. EdaxFlamma

    LF prickly pears and dragon fruit seeds or pads/cuttings

    Haha yeah it is really simple. Not sure what kind of fruit you would get but it could be fun little project. I was so excited to try dragon fruit thinking it would be like a sweet milky vanilla creme flavor. Got all those seedlings going and then tried the fruit... a deranged lovechild of a...
  5. EdaxFlamma

    LF prickly pears and dragon fruit seeds or pads/cuttings

    Hey all, I'm coming into this pretty late but if you are looking for dragon fruit seeds and have access to the actual fruit, all of those little black seeds are viable. What I normally do is cut the white/pink/yellow part of the fruit into small cubes and press them through a small strainer...
  6. EdaxFlamma

    Jim's Large display paludarium

    This may be a bit basic but it has some good info. http://www.sarracenia.com/faq.html
  7. EdaxFlamma

    Jim's Large display paludarium

    Bitten by the bug of bug biting botanicals. Best of luck! There are a lot of knowledgeable people here who can help you out. I think you'll be happy to find out that a lot of nice stuff can be grown without any kind of terrarium or supplemental conditioning. Feel free to hit me up again here...
  8. EdaxFlamma

    Jim's Large display paludarium

    Lookin' good! x2 While I don't have any tenuis I can hook you up with a rooted N. ventricosa cutting if you just want something to play around with to get your feet wet.
  9. EdaxFlamma

    2014 NASC Teaser thread

    I'm unfortunately not in a position to offer CP's this year but I may have some orchids I could put up. I'm hoping beyond all hope for some N. ampullaria though... Nothing fancy just some green speckled or tricolor.
  10. EdaxFlamma

    swords: here's my tie dye!

    haha I would not want to be the guy who causes some loving husband to get divorced because he bought a tie died zoot suit. It is tempting however....
  11. EdaxFlamma

    swords: here's my tie dye!

    If I send you my white zoot suit... could we make this happen?
  12. EdaxFlamma

    Carnivorous Plant Bonsai?

    Closest thing I ever had to a bonsai CP was my old ventricosa. I lopped the top off and it went crazy. If you think really hard you might be able to pass it off as a Han-Kengai.
  13. EdaxFlamma

    Nepenthes Seeds

    1. Incognito - Thanks for the opportunity 2. Victoria - Thank you for your generosity 3. hcarlton 4. NatchGreyes - Awesome! 5. EdaxFlamma- Thanks!! 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  14. EdaxFlamma

    Nepenthes sp. seed

    As did I. Thank you very much! In vitro they go!
  15. EdaxFlamma

    Seed available for trade.

    I have a bag full of D. filiformis seed if you are interested. Age may be an issue but I have 5 or more flower spikes worth. I have location data to accompany it as well. Interested in the N. attenboroughii.
  16. EdaxFlamma

    Seed available for trade.

    Just for clarification, is a (+) still equivalent to 15 or so seeds? Thanks!
  17. EdaxFlamma

    New Home with No Good Light..... What To Do?

    Hello fellow Delawarian! Yeah depending on where you are, our windows aren't that great. Your old fish tanks would be a pretty good place to start if you have the space. This was my old set up when I first got started: Other than the temperate species you listed (Sarracenia and VFTs) I...
  18. EdaxFlamma

    Tray Method vs Overhead Watering

    I knew they did something similar for Drosophyllum due to the root sensitivity and stress but I could swear that potting up Darlingtonia was done this way specifically for temperature reasons... Hmm anyway I'll pause myself here and try not to detract from the issue of the thread. Though if I...
  19. EdaxFlamma

    Vertical Growing Cephalotus

    Looks like it might be a rockwool or an epiweb type material? Perhaps holding back a peat based media? Either way very cool!
  20. EdaxFlamma

    Tray Method vs Overhead Watering

    I'm sure someone has had great success growing them via the tray method. I have not even tried. After a bit of searching I can't find the article I want to reference but it discussed taking two unsalted terracotta pots, one of larger size and nesting the two together. If I remember correctly...