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    Vinarium - Dojō Terrarium

    I haven't posted here in a long time. I've just gotten back into terrariums and stuff again and have some new pictures. I don't currently have any carnivorous plants going, but I have a few related projects. Here's a new setup I put together over the holiday. Vinarium - Dojō Terrarium I took...
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    For Sale Laser-Cut 12v Fan Mount Kits

    Laser-Cut 12v Fan Mount Kits My laser-cut fan mounts are a handy way to position 12v air circulation fans in your setups. They attach easily to any clean glass surface with heavy-duty suction cups. Here are the models available top match popular case fan sizes. 40mm Fan Mount Kit - $6.50...
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    ?? 4-season Container Bog

    I have a project in mind for the spring and I wonder about how to set it up. We have a rather small yard with a good deal of shade, but we have a sunny patio area where I would like to situate a container bog. I intend to use a cedar planter box with a pond liner or maybe a plastic stock tank...
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    Complete Terrarium 12v Fan Kit - No Longer Available

    Complete Terrarium 12v Fan Kit This listing offers complete 60mm air circulation fan kits with fan mount kit. This system is easy to set up and it will make a big difference for your orchids and other plants that grow best with some extra internal air circulation. The aluminum filter is a very...
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    ?? Best Sphagnum Growth in Terrarium

    Hi! I'm a new member here. I do not keep any carnivorous plants, but I have several other gardening projects. I wish to build a setup for growing Sphagnum spp. mosses along with a few other acid bog plants in a fish tank enclosure. My current idea is to just to fill the bottom couple of inches...