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    Nepenthes terrarium

    Hi, would be nice to see how it looks 1 1/2 years later... Martin
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    I have grown H. minor x heterodoxa outdoors in my bog garden betwenn Sarracenia (during summer, of course) and it did very well. This year I had put it into an open greenhouse direct into the sun after growing them in a terrarium with only artificial light. It turned more red (within very short...
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    Drosera filiformis

    Mine grow best outdoors protected from heavy rains... Martin
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    Darn it people, Heliamphora!!!!

    H. heterodoxa (?) flower : H. hispida : (takes a loooong time to produce "mature" leafes) A Heliamphora species which I can't identify : Martin
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    To my knowledge T. is a "lowland plant".
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    In my experience Dr. regai does not like tempeartures below 10°C for longer periods. If temperature falls below this the plant will loose its leafes. Also my plants do not like full sun and heat(&#33 in summer, they are growing better in semi shaded areas during summer. If seedlings younger...
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    Lowii in aircon?

    "wind chill" effects only occure if something is warmer than the surounding air. (e.g. humans, hot pot of coffee) There' s to my knowledge no (significant) wind chill effect with plants. Martin
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    Heliamphora propagation...

    Wait until winter. Heliamphora don't like deviding / repotting during summer.
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    N. aristolochioides

    phantastic picture (and phantastic plant) ! "...It's an itty bitty baby...only 3 inches across..." 3 inch? You don't know what a really small plant is, hmmm.... Mine is 1 1/2 years old and still less than 2 inches across. I believe that the nights in my terrarium are defintly to warm for it to...
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    Utricularia flaccida

    Hi, here is a picture of my Utricularia flaccida. This species produces a lot of sticky glue drops on its flower stalks, which sometimes can catch small flies. The reason _why_ these drops are produced is unknown to me. Martin
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    Hi, nice plants but if you use a lower jpeg compression, the pictures would load a lot(&#33 faster. 150 kByte for a 560 x 433 picture is way to much at the net. 50 kByte would be ok. Martin
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    Drosera macrantha ssp planchonii

    "...I may use a couple of low-energy lights to add an extra hour to the start and end of each day in winter as well..." Hi, I would NOT recommend to lengthen the natural photoperiod time in winter but to add strong artificial light (sodium vapor or metal halide) during the middle of the day...
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    Heliamphora pictures please

    Hi, some of my Helimaphora, but I have to update the pictures because most of the plants are significantly bigger now... http://www.drosophyllum.com/english/e-heliamphora.htm Martin
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    Drosera uniflora

    Hi Tamlin, may I suggest posting pictures in an "usual" size, which fits on the screen ? (and also is faster to download for modem users like me) I wish you good luck with that rare species ! Martin
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    Germinating roridula

    Hi, habitat of R. gorgonias (near Hermanus) stays mostly wet, habitat of R. dentata (around Clan William) is dry during summer. I sow the seeds on the surface of the substrat with good contact to it, but do not bury them. If you understand German (or have a translation tool) you can try out...
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    Germinating roridula

    I think that it also depends on the "quality" of the seeds. One time I harvested lots of very small R. gorgonias seeds and none of them germinated. I also recogniced some diffenence in R. dentata seeds from South Africa (silverhill seeds) and from Germany. The seeds from natural habitat have...
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    How do i make an aldrovanda tank?

    This is how I grow mine : http://www.drosophyllum.com/english/e-aldrovanda.htm For me one of the easiest cps. Refill water every month and that is it. Martin
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    Utricularia quelchii

    Hi! I own two clones of U. quelchi and I'm growing both of them in pure living sphagnum in my "highland-terrarium". The person from whom I got my first clone had grown his plants in his greenhouse in sphagnum with relativ low humidity and lots of sun. Leafes had been shorter, redisgh and more...
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    Nepenthes hamata

    swords, look at Joachim's homepage. Martin
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    1st german cp picture contest

    Hi, here is a link where you can find 26 pictures of carnivorous plants, some of them are really good (IMHO)... Please accept the Copyright ! http://www.drosophyllum.com/deutsch/wettbewerb1.htm Martin