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    D. Binata Dichotoma giant root cuttings

    Hello guys and gals hope this new season brings about some great growth for us I'm excited. I've taken a few losses over this harsh winter. I'm attempting to save my D. Binata Dichotoma. The hibernacula rotted on me and I was wondering if at all I can propagate this plant using the roots. There...
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    CP Dormancy care

    Hello all this is my first dormancy with my plants and I've already had some of my sundews go dormant. My question is how much water do the plants Need during the winter? I am in Charlotte NC if that matters and the plants are grown outside. I'm growing VFTs, Sarrs, and some temperate, and...
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    S. Daina's Delight!!!!

    After spending the entire summer with nothing but phyllodia leaves. My S. Daina's Delight has sent up its first pitcher which finally opened up today while I was at work That thing is TALL!!! Now I'm praying it finishes developing. *Crosses fingers*
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    My apartments have some scheduled renovations that required us to remove everything from our patios. I brought all if my pots in at about 7:30 am today and I'm just now getting here from work. I come back in my room to check on my sarrs to find this guy........... I can only figure that this...
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    Carnivorous plant update vid

    Hey I made a vid this morning just showing my collection off. Feel free to comment with tips. Thanks in advance for all of your comments 👍 http://youtu.be/FJQlHTIrjBM
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    Lowes death cube Sarr identification.

    Hey guys I bought a "dormant" baby sarr from lowes in April in the bug biting plants starter kit. It didnt say what species if Sarr it is though. It's finally putting up some pitchers and I'm thinking it may be some form of S. Rubra but I'm not sure. I know these pics aren't the best but I'd...
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    Sarracenia The Predator

    With me being a newbie to the CP world I came home tonight and checked on my babies like i usually do only to find some predatory action going on for the first time. Sarracenia Leucophylla Sarracenia Leucophylla with humongous water bug The water bug actually went into the pitcher but felt...
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    D. Filiformis Propagation

    Hey I had a leaf break on my Filiformis about a month ago so I cut it into 3 1.5-2 inch strips and sat them on moist peat outside in full sun with the rest of my plants. All three have plantlets growing now that are still very tiny. One already has dew!!!! My question is, how long do I need to...
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    Just joined the sarracenia family

    Finally joined the pitcher family. Shout out to sarge S. mitchelliana S. Daina's Delight
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    D. Filiformis

    Hey I'm new to the forum I posted on the VFT side so I figured I'd put me 2 Sundews up here too. I've only had then for about 3-4 weeks here are the beginning and current photos
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    New to Carnivorous plants

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks to u guys for all of your very useful info on this site. I recently got into the whole carnivorous plants thing and I love it. I currently have 2 sundews a VFT that I got from lowes that's doing well. I just bought 2 VFTs from lowes that were definitely on the...