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    P. esseriana Flower

    Haven't kept this ping yet, so this is my first flower. The second plants flower is about to bloom in the back. And if you look carefully, you can see the leaf pulling I am rooting laying on the sphagnum. Ole!
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    Wanted: N. Bicalcarata, N. Rajah

    The title says it. I am looking for either N. Bical, or Rajah. Preferably smaller established plants, or rooted cuttings/clones.
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    P. esseriana - Roots shooting out PIX

    I got 2 P. esseriana from a trade on this forum and I repotted it a few months ago. It has been at my friends house for a while as I am on vacation, and he has noted a few shoots coming out from above old leaves on the plant. He sent me a few photos of it, and from my guess it looks like new...
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    U. Sandersonii

    Looking for a small starter patch. Pm me
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    Looking for plants to extend Collection

    So, as I said previously Im restarting my carni collection (not the workers) and I am on a limited budget. So what Im trying to do is get some of the more common plants out there. My current grow list is thus: 1 Common VFT 2 Pinguicula Esseriana Maybe a drosera adelae if it survives from home...
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    My Vft

    Its kept outdoors in northern california. Was a dollar store survivor. Had it about 6 months. I apologize for the image quality, I forgot to set the white balance.
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    Heartwarming story of Recovery

    Well, you all know of those poor plants that you can find in the dollar store toppled over, and perhaps tramped on. Or inside a hardware store when the package says full sun. Well, the other day spending money that I should not have spent, I went into Home Depot and bought myself a ping and a...
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    Looking For P. Esseriana

    Wello Hello For the longest time I have wanted a P. Esseriana, why? Well, I think they are adorable and perhaps thats enough. Here is the deal: I used to grow a lot of carnivorous plants, and after a 4 year hiatus, im back plant-less (save a vft and drug store ping.) If any of you have some...
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    Oh Geez

    Dang, I haven't been here in AGES (and it was a trick getting my user name back.) Anyone from the PFT forums remember this regular who became irregular? Hi i'm Tim, I used to grow LOADS of carnivorous plants. Stopped for a few years, now im getting back into it. I have a total of 3.
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    Ethnobotanical properties

    I am not planning on using cp's to get high, i use life to get high. I was just wondering, are there any ethnogenic properties of carnivorous plants?
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    San pedro cactus or bamboo

    the cactus would not be used to get high fyi. I was wondering if anyone had a San Pedro Cactus. Or if they had and Bamboo rhizome cuttings or shoots of a bamboo with a wide diameter, really tall, sturdy, and really green. I could trade some stuff like t-shirts or cd cases, or cokes for it.
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    Pft vft var. and the mutation inducing chemical

    why isnt pft selling there own var of vft's that they get some times through tc. the one that puts out plantlets instead of flowers on its flower stalk. Also, I heard there is a chemical that some people put in there tc to encourage mutations in the plant. Does anyone know what this is called...
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    Passion flower

    Since I can grow things outside, just not inside, ive always wanted passionflower, and i would like to put it in with the huge jasmine we have. Anyone got any passionflower plants for S.A.S.E? if for sale, pm or im me. Of if you have some san pedro cactus, that would be grrrreeeeaaaattttt .
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    Device for getting food into vft's

    I was thinking (i know, god help us) about a way to get small animals into a vft's traps, then i thought. Well, a pvc tube owuld be good, but there not found too small and you cant see through them, then i thought, acrylic tubing, its cheap, durable, and see through! And can also be found in...
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    Salt water

    Saltwater aquariums are more than just aquariums. They have salt. That means that there are salt molecules (NaCl) bonded to Water Molecules (H20) at a specific gravity of about .023, a little higher if you want to keep invertibraes. Careful with copperbased medications tho, they can wipe out all...
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    Small freshwater snails

    hey everyone, for people that dont know, i am off the forums during the winter months and on it during summer. Anywho, I am looking for someone that would be able to give me 20+ (not much when you think about it.) small snails. I need them for dwarf puffers that i am growing (puffer fish...
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    Dreams of Pft?

    Has any ever had a dream about being at pft? I had one last night that the website was down for repairs and i was so mad. Then i woke up...
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    CP Pics

    Pft wouldnt let me post these two, wrong extension http://image1in.villagephotos.com/index.asp?id_=605266 http://image1in.villagephotos.com/index.asp?id_=605267
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    Salsa Lovers

    My mouth is currently on fire from a salsa Calle TEXAS TEXAS Tesas torture. I love it, its so good. You dont need muh to set your mouth ablaze. It has Jalapeno's, cilantro green chilies, and habanero peppers. It Is amazing hot. You should try it! My mouth is currenthy numb
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    interesting story

    Well, a while back, in my freshie fishtank, i had a rainbow shark. And it was a happy camper. But one day i could never find it. So about 8 months later, i was taking out my drawers to my dresser, and under my dresser, i found the sry dead body of my poor rainbow shark which must of jumped out...