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    Dormancy Temp question

    The temperature around here during the day is about mid 60's and it gets to around 50's or a lil below during the night. My flytraps dont look like they are going into dormancy in these conditions so do I just uproot them and stick them in the fridge in a tuperware? Or should I adjust them to...
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    My D.Aliciae flowered last week and its starting to form the buds...I was wondering if it needed more sunlight or anything new now that its flowering.Wind or cold wont be a problem right? It only gets down to 50's at the most.
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    Ah! aphids!

    Well I was checking on my plants yesterday and I noticed my D. Aliciaie had a few yellow colored round things on it and didnt think much of it.I check it today and its covered with them and I notice that they are moving! Ive heard that you can drown them but how do I go about doing this? Ive...
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    Algea or sphagnum?

    When I got my plants I bought from cooks awhile ago there were a few tiny sprigs of live sphagnum included in the little bit of soil he used to keep them moist.Heres my question though.Im starting to see faint green splotches in my pots,is this algea or where new sphagnum is starting to grow? If...
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    Yellowing perlite

    The perlite I have in both my big mouth fly trap and my D.Aliciae's pots are turning this weird yellowish-orange color.Is this normal?
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    I got a question.Is all bottled water bad for these plants or just the ones that say "enhanced with minerals for taste"? I ask because Aquafina says on the back "purified by state of the art hydro-7 reverse osmosis". So is it good to use?
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    No dew

    I recently got my first sundew,a D. Aliciae and there isnt any dew on it.I believe it came with dew but Im not sure.Would the rain wash the dew off? If its not because of the rain than why isnt it producing any?
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    Full sun?

    I just got a Big Mouth fly trap from Cooks and its pretty red already.Would it be ok to give it full sun? I think that if I dont its gonna lose its awsome color but I also dont want it to burn in the sun.