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    Today I added some new pictures to my photo album. Examples: Drosera pulchella "Salmon flower" Drosera roseana Drosera hamiltonii Drosera rosulata Drosera trinervia (thanks Christian!) Nepenthes ventricosa x inermis (who says easy plants aren't gorgeous?) Fresh opened N. hamata...
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    Tuberous dews

    D. menziesii (photo taken in bad light) D. erythroriza: D. erythroriza: D. rupicola "deep maroon"
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    Various Drosera pictures

    In January I got a new camera: A Canon A610. The built in macro modus is great. Here some nearly unmodified (just resized) snapshots: Drosera auriculata: Drosera paradoxa: Drosera macrophylla: Drosera rosulata: Drosera rupicola (or: D. stolonifera ssp. rupicola) Drosera whittakeri...
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    Drosera whittakeri in flower (pics)

    I took those pictures some time ago: Cheers, Jan
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    Aldrovanda seed pictures

    Hi, I got some seeds of the tropical red form Australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa variant. I sent some of those seeds to Christian who took nice photographs. The look like those from Dionaea but are more round. For comparison: Dionaea muscipula seeds Good growing, Jan
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    Germinating tuberous drosera seeds -with ethylene?

    Hi, I got some seeds of nice tuberous Drosera species. As most species have the attitude of being hard to germinate, I read about some tricks. Once I tried GA3 with no great success, so I wanted to use a heat or fire treatment this time. Then I read on a orchid webpage (...
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    D. whittakeri / D. auriculata flowers

    Hi, my "easier" tuberous Drosera are in flower right now. Drosera whittakeri ssp. aberrans: Drosera auriculata (sown October 2002): Jan
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    To the specialists: tuberous drosera seeds wanted

    Hi, has someone fresh tuberous drosera seeds or small tubers to spare for a trade? I do not need "normal" Dr. auriculata, peltata, menziesii. If you have other species or colour variants of the above, please pm or mail me privately(!). Jan
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    Question to tuberous drosera growers

    Hi, how do you fertilize or feed you tuberous drosera? I know some growers that feed with normal milk. I tried that and it worked well. Has anyone tried artificial slow-release fertilizer like Osmocote? Good growing, Jan
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    12 drosera flower pics

    Hi, look at this thread in the german forums: http://www.carnivoren.org/cgi-bin....0595668 It contains: Drosera binata Drosera burmanii Drosera collinsiae Drosera intermedia 'roraima' Drosera natalensis Drosera nidiformis Drosera nitidula Drosera occidentalis ssp occidentalis Drosera nitidula...
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    Anyone growing australian tuberous orchids?

    Hi Has anyone here tuberous australian orchids in culture? Which species are easy to grow? I have some tuberous drosera...they can grow in the same tray, aren't they? I am searching especially for nice flowering species which are relativly easy to grow and don't grow to tall monster plants...