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    Cephalotus from leaf cuttings

    Hi all I have a cephalotus that has tons of non carnivorous leaves. i was thinking of doing leaf cuttings and neve did this with them. If any one has experience in this, i would love to hear from you or gane any wisdom from all. Thanks Jim
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    Rion GreenHouses

    Hi All Does any one have a Rion GreenHouse? Looking into one, looks strong and say can hold 1100 lbs of show and 80 mph winds. 16 ft long version. Thoughts would be appreciated . Thanks Jim
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    Thank you to all!

    I want to thank you all who donated plants and unusual thing for a great cause. Next year i will donate to this as i have started to grow extras. It is nice to see everyone helping out these beautiful and wonderful plants! Thanks Jim
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    Moss Better Grow

    Hi Everyone, Just asking a question. Has anyone used Better Grow Moss, sold at Home depot and lows? It says for orchids and such. Think it is okay with our Carnivorous plants? Thanks Jim
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    Big Bang Theory

    Hi All Does any one watch the Big Bang Theory? It to me the funniest show! what do you guys think? Cheers
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    My Bog

    Hi All This is my bog in my backyard, it is about 7 years old and with the same plants, Past year had slug damage, YUCK Killed most of the VFT and sundews, Pitcher's they left alone. But thought you guys would like a look, Cheers Jim
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    Hi All Is any one a viking fan here? Jim
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    VFT Mutagen's hummmmm

    Hi I wounder if anyone has tried to mutate a VFT. i work with scientists and could do an experiment with Seeds of VFT's.Does any one know if this has been done before and maybe if it wrong to do? Let me know Cheers Jim
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    Fuji HS20 Bridge Camera

    Hi all Just got the HS20 Fuji Bridge camera, wanted to see if anyone else has one. Going to take it out and shoot some picts of my bog and my raised VFT Bed. The bog is blooming with Pitcher Flowers There is some Flava var "Copper Top" Judith Hindle Alata Minor Psittacina oreophila...
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    Any one seen Capslock? he was one of the first guys that said high in 2003? Cheers Jim
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    Hi Again

    Hi All I used to be on these boards a long time ago, By chance i stumbled on them again.! I still grow these wonderful plants at home. I have a few bogs and and a pond with pitcher plants and sundews around it and Neps and cephs in the house on window sills. I hope to be around for a wile and...
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    Dried Bag of spagnum from lowes

    Hi All, I have a question, You know thoes bag of dried un chopped up spagnum ( long theads). WEll I wet this and place around some of my plants to help with humidity. Every now and than A few sundew pop up in it. Im thinking Hum maybe because i have some around and the seed gets in it. Okay so...
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    Otts GreenHouse in Pa

    Here is Otts GreenHouse in pa. They sell some CP's but mostly Odd plants and regular plants. Good Place to vist and take some picts. Hope you all enjoy the pict's. I am not that good with a camera. My Son Jim
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    Some Neps I have outside

    Hi All, Here are Some of the Neps I have outside growing. The N. x tricocarpa from lelani. They also sent a Maxima. Here is one from a local Nursery and GreenHouse N. x Miranda I have CapsLock's in my Terrarium. Ill post them in a little while. Jim
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    My Bog

    Hi all, Here is the bog in early april. Another April Shot. Here it is in mid june. VFT's in Bloom. Here it is Today. My Little Cp'er. Just thought I would Share! Jim
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    Gona ba gone for the weekend

    Going to kutztown to vist my Mom with my kids. There is also a lake near her that has spagnum moss growing in large patches around it. Gona take a bit of time and see if we find any Planties! wack! Bang! Wam! Spat! ah Found the carnivorous plant find do hicky. LOL Just joke ya know dohicky ha...
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    White Fuzzy Bugs

    I have seen these little fuzzy white bugs that walk slow but when you tuch them they jump! I havent seen a lot of them but courious what they are? Jim
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    Happy 4th!

    Happy Fourth everyone! Have a Safe and healthy and Happy one! Jim
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    Alta . Diana;s Delight, Ruba, Flava Red Throat typ

    I toom all of the Pitcher plants that were growing in a great big bunch and now splt the rhinzones in about 50 single plants and still have the core mother plants. The ruba i did a bit ago and each are growing new Pitcher. These others, are they likly to do the same? All have about an inch of...
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    Windows or Macintosh!

    Lets See who likes what here. I Work on Macintosh Computers all day. This Debate goes on forever! So I am Seeing how all you CP'ers Vote on which platform you guys like! NO FIGHTING here!!!!! Just Friendly Banter So Im Starting off with Macintosh! Jim