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    A pretty cunning hat, dontcha think? How crafty are you?

    Man wears a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything. I've owned one myself for a while. Nice job!
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    A CP Video Clip That You've Probably Never Seen

    So I finally found this movie I've been wanting to see for years called The Hellstrom Chronicle. It's a quasi-documentary about insects, and how formidable they are compared to us humans. A great, creepy soundtrack and quite spooky to view. Too bad it's impossible to find legitimately...
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    Wasp World (lots and lots of photos)

    The other day I was admiring my Sarrs with the neighbors, and noticed a bee was head first and struggling down there. One of them went "Awww, poor bee! You know they're disappearing?" So I stuck a piece of straw down there for it to grab on to and rescued it. Felt like a hero. ;) My Sarrs...
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    Vermont Bog Field Report (with Pics!)

    Hi Folks, Just got back from a nice trip to Vermont and Massachusetts for a family reunion, and was able to visit one bog that was still accessible without hip waders, no thanks to the recent rain.  The bigger bog I really wanted to visit, Chickering Bog, was a mile up a barely marked, or...
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    Here's a Sarr. hybrid whose name I wrote down when it was given to me and promptly lost as soon as I got it home.  Looks like it has some leucophylla in it, duh. Pretty, though.
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    almost dry amp pitcher

    Actually slugs are not insects at all, alive or dead. ;) They do eat plants though, so I don't like them anywhere near mine.
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    D. spatulata & D. capensis

    Got 'em today! Thanks! One complaint: you are guilty of false advertising. There were *way* more than 5 capensis in that baggie!
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    flytrap seperation how to?

    One one hand, you might want to leave them be for this year. If they are tiny as you say, they are a few years away from adulthood, and probably won't grow dramatically larger this year. The best time to repot VFT's is early spring as they are coming out of dormancy. On the other hand, if you...
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    D. spatulata & D. capensis

    Oooh ooOOOooo! These sound like just what I need for my bog! If there are any left, I'd love a sampler pack, if possible. Otherwise, whatever capensis you have left would be awesome. Thanks! -N
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    Recs. for Bog in Zone 9 (Mediterranean)

    Hi Folks, My D. adelae are not too happy in my new bog garden here in the West Side of Los Angeles. Too much light seems to be the issue, as they appear dry. This can't be, as I gotsta have some Drosera in there. Anyway, what Drosera have you successfully grown outside year-round in conditions...
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    Anyone Clog Their Sink with Medium?

    LOL You guys are killin' me! I'm gonna have to switch from medium to small from now on...
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    Anyone Clog Their Sink with Medium?

    Hi Folks, Been struggling with a slow draining sink for the last week or so. Looks like the odd pot I've washed out over time has caught up with me. Tried Liquid Plumr (regular strength), a plunger and removing the trap. Before I bust out the snake and its inherent contortions, has anyone used...
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    Nepenthes x 'Judith Finn'

    Funny you should mention it.  I just took this picture yesterday in super advance planning of a web page. Sits in a SE facing kitchen window and under fluorescents until 10 PM or so. I really dig the color; not too flashy, like a delicately glazed ceramic vase.
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    SoCal Members - LACPS Meeting This Saturday

    Hi Folks, If you're looking for an excuse to meet some of your Southern California neighbors, see some plants up close or add a few to your collection, the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society is having a bi-monthly meeting this Saturday, April 15th at the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce at 11...
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    It's Time for Everybody's Favorite Game:

    Hi Folks, Finally after four months of light adding, humidity tweaking, "soil" mixing and prayer, my "highland hybrid" has produced a pitcher that hasn't shriveled up!  Whoopie!  Now comes the fun part: finding out what ingredients went in to creating this plant. Any takers? Happy holidays...
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    Help! new to carnivorous plants

    Marry this woman ASAP. ;)
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    You know you're asian if...

    LOL.  A lot of these apply to Jewish families as well.  ;) 15.  Confucius, the Western name for K'ung-fu-tzu (551 BCE–479 BCE), was a Chinese philosopher.  The "Confucius say..." puns/jokes are American folk humor along the lines of "knock knock" jokes.  I think they gained popularity in the...
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    How do you pronounce....?

    This subject has always fascinated me.  Ever since I was a kid and a friend from out of town didn't understand me when I asked, "You wanna have a catch?"  I believe that phrase is unique to New York City where I grew up.  Most people would say "play catch," or the like.  New Yorkers also stand...
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    Green slimy stuff on lfs?

    Hmmm. I did give them a dilute cocktail of 30-10-10 orchid fertilizer and Superthrive a while ago. And IIRC, it was around that time the slime arrived. Oy, The Savage Garden p. 23 first paragraph. I thought algae only grew on water. You learn something new every day. Thanks for the help!
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    Green slimy stuff on lfs?

    Hi Folks, Most of my Neps have an inch or so of LFS as the top layer of the mix.  In some of those pots the LFS has turned green (yay!) and slimy (ick!) in patches.  My first thought was that the LFS was coming to life, but I doubt it is naturally slimy.  It must be some kind of mold, huh...