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    Orchid suggestions for living wall

    I have about 30 square feet of wall space that I'd like to transform into a vertical terrarium/orchidarium of sorts. I'd like to focus on epiphytes, especially orchids, when I plan my plants. I've looked at hundreds of orchids online, and I just end up wanting them all. So maybe you guys can...
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    Missy's Grow List

    I'm going to "break this down" into several posts to make it easier to manage as the list evolves. This is mostly information for my personal reference...I'm starting with one VFT as my only CP, so there's hardly anything tradeworthy here unless you're into succulents or houseplants. It's a...
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    Newbie from Arkansas

    I stumbled across this site a few weeks ago and have been reading the forums ever since. Finally thought I'd join and quit lurking. I'm new to houseplants and ornamentals in general (about a year of dedicated experience), but I've been an avid gardener for the past decade, with a focus on...