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    New Nepenthes Dying

    Hello Terraforums! I recently purchased a Nepenthes talangensis X sibuyanesis from Carnivero and feel that I’m not providing it the right conditions. It is wilting pretty severely and new growth is also browning/dying. I fear that I didn’t pot it correctly when I first received it. It was a root...
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    Exotica Order Note

    I just found out that a Exotica Order is happening in pitcher-plants.com but u have to be in the Eastern part of the US to join so that the shipping wont kill the plants or giv them TOO much shipping shock. Plz do not delete this post. Everything is abbiding by the rules Im just telling others...
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    VFT, Sarrecenia, and seeds available

    Hi I have some vfts, S.purpurea, and some seeds available here . Here is the list of wat I will have avaiable. I will write also how they will be shipped to u. VFTS 2 big mouth/typical clones in one pot 2 pots of 2 typicals planted together 2 big vigorous potted in one pot Sarrecenia...
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    Nep nectar

    Hi all, This is going to sound very weird but which nectar of the neps nectar can u drink that is sweet? Wen I was cleaning my terrarium I got some of the fluid on the bottom of the pitcher and was about to try it wen I remembered that many bugs dies in there and thought how sweet could it be if...
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    Hi all I just got finished with the lighting of my new terrarium and Im not sure if the light is sufficient enuf. I have 2 25 watt equivelent to 100 watt floroucent compact bulbs over the top of the tank with no reflecting material on the sides or back. Is this enuf? 50watt total? I have a raff...
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    Cephs needed

    I really need some cephs. Im willing to offer multiple vfts, sarrecenia, and some common but nice neps. I have many so if ur willing to part with just a small one then Id be very grateful. Im begging at this point. Thanks!
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    Hi I just got a new biacal and Im really worried about its state. It was in 84F and 80% humidity then 77F and 80% humidity then it was in 75F and 50% humidity. I know this is bad for it but it is back in 77F and 80% humidty and wen I put it back in those conditions it didnt die but isnt growing...
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    I just did the stupidest thing EVER!!!! The ceph that a fellow terraforumest traded me had these small white crawly rolly polly insect things in the soil so I didnt have any safe insecticides with me and I couldnt go anywhere until tuesday so I repotted it!! I know that the roots are sensitive...
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    Lights for a terrarium

    Hi I have a question. Ive been using an undertank heater by zoo-med and its not working. It only raises it to 71F and I know this is not enuf for a bical,raff,ventrat,ventricosa,coccinea, and MAYBE a ceph. Does anyone have reccomendations on how to make the undertank heater more effective? Ive...
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    Seeds for trade

    I have only 3 kinds of seeds for trade so not much of a trade. The seeds I have are: D.filformis ssp. filformis "NJ pine barrens" EDIT:100-200 seeds Thank you HoustonHerp for trading me a nep for 100 seeds. I truly thank you. Big mouth vft seeds 200-300 Typical vft seeds 200-300 I also have...
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    New problem with a ceph

    I just got a ceph and the grower informs me that it has not been growing for awhile. He sed he got it maybe a year or a year and a half ago and it was growing a 1" pitcher and it had 5 shoots with smaller pitchers. Then the 5 pitchers just died off and it turned brown. Now it is the size of a...
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    Got a new nep!

    I cant beleev it!! I have a local nursery and it sells some exotic plants and so on but I went there in hopes of finding some Cp's and I did and I noticed some puny vfts, some dryed out D.capensis, then I saw them.... HUGE vining neps!!! Dont know wat they are but seems to me that they are...
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    Growing cephs.

    I looked on terraforums, CPUK, and google but I cant find the growing a ceph info I want! I cant find the humidity levels, temperature range, and the general growing info isnt that good either. If someone could plz provide me with this info Id be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
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    Cephalotus leaf cutting

    Hi Is it possible to get a whole new plant from cuttings of a cephs. winter leaves or non-cp leaves? Since it is of the same plant and the non-cp leaves have to survive by growing pitchers im guessing that it mite be succesful. Thanks!
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    Any neps or cephs for trade?

    Im looking for neps and cephs now and this is the only thing Im looking for. Im looking for plants or cuttings. Free or for trade. I have many vfts, some sarrecenia, and a few neps that I dont want. The only neps I dont wat rite now is raffesliana, ventricosa, coccinea, and ventrata. Thanks!
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    N.bical greenhouse

    Could someone plz show me their nepenthes greenhouses? Im thinking of building a PVC pipe one and I just want some ideas for one. Also, how do u build a small PVC pipe greenhouse that is cheap and easy to build? Im looking for a set of a supply list, price, and construction instructions. I have...
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    Wat can I build?

    Hi. Wat can I build for my N.bical so I can put it there in the winter, it can fit in my room, and a 12 year old and his dad can build it? I need it to be pretty cheap too. Could u plz show me a pic of a grow chamber or something? Thanks!
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    Is there anyway to keep a bical in a terrarium size but still have adult size ptichers? I dont want it to be 6 feet tall and the leaves to be 4 feet big. Is it possible I could cut off the top stem wen its growing and plant is as a cutting? I might buy a 10 gallon aquarium and just keep a bical...
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    How to whistle with two fingers

    I no this is wwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyy off topic but I need to know how to whistle with my two fingers. My frend keeps bothering and bragging that he can do it and I cant. Well Im done with it. If any of u no how to do this could u plz post how? THANKS!
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    Well Im getting a N.bical from blackjungle.com soon and IM wondering... wat is the best growing conditions for a bical? Im in NJ but wen I first get it its going to be in a terrarium. The temps are about 71F and the humidity is about 90%. Ill be growing it like that for about 2 months and then...