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    Dangit, left plant out for 20 mins and its...

    Ok I thought I would treat my plant today, so I left it outside for 20 mins and its toast. Its right at teh stage where everything is dropping and looks like it got nuked. Its not crispy dead, but its droopy looking.. what should I do to quickly help my plant? So far I went and got a spray...
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    Hello! had a venus flytrap, but now ive got a ping

    Got a few questions, second time at doing a carnivorious plant, but ive got some simple questions.. What type of water do they take? (Distilled or tap) How big do they get? Are the same, where they are fine without bugs? How many hours of sunlight should they receive? How wet do they like it...
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    Defected leaves, bumpy and stunted growth

    Well Ive noticed 2 leaves have sprouted out of my VFT. One is normal size with a small trap (wont be mature i dont think) but the leave is VERY VERY VERY bumpy. It looks like it absorbed minerals and through them into the leaf. (not really) It really looks like sand grew into the leaf but of...
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    Ok, my trap rotted... it shouldn't have

    Ok, Ive managed to keep my vft alive a few months... every trap rotted off I didn;t know why. Now, i finally got it back on its feet... fed it a bug (1/3 of a fly i caught off my dogs pooh) well I put it in the trap, and waited and waited and BAM tonight I see a rot mark. *******...
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    Feeding ur vft steriods...

    Now, you cant water your plant with a plant growth liquid... but what if you soaked a bug in it or say had a captipiller and pumped it full of some.... same effect or since it take minerals through there traps, would it be good for them or what?
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    Should I do this?

    Ok, I got my VFT near middle of summer. Fed them tap water and killed one (plant) and the other started to die (lost 4 arms while it only has 5 left) and well now its on distilled water. Also while it was dieing I tried to reveive it by mixing a mircable grow solution and drenched it in it (let...
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    Plant steroids

    Can you feed VFT some advance plant growing liquids like miricle grow or some fertilizer type tyhings to make them grow super fast? or what?
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    Help! My VFT are dieing, I dont know how to help

    Crap, My VFT were good when I bought them (2) and Im new at VFT growing. Well one was very well off,... the other look like it had just started. Now the small one died from its leafs turning black (and traps) and just decays. Now the second one is having the same thing? Heres some pics...