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  1. kahnli

    My trip to a NH bog

    I cannot take credit for the photos, my camera defaulted, a friend was kind enough to share photos with me in order to share with the community here... This place was so amazing! We had to Kayak out to see the floating stands of Sarracenia, Drosera and Utricularia. All this on top of the NECPS...
  2. kahnli

    Happy Birthday Swords!

    This message is from Interzone... Happy Birthday!
  3. kahnli

    tacca chantrieri

    I have a small Tacca Chantrieri (Bat Flower) if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands. Not a carnivore but I need to free up some space. It most likely won't flower until next year but still a fun plant have. Completely on the house... I'll even take care of the postage.
  4. kahnli


    So I was out with some friends having a few drinks at local pub. I was getting tired so I decided to take off early and head home. I was about a block away from my home (I actually live in a very safe area... mainly surrounded by Yale Grad students) when WHAM something hits me in the side of the...
  5. kahnli

    plant's adventures of carnivorous kahnli

    Finally had some time away from the rat race to post some pics... ---------- Post added at 11:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 PM ---------- a few more... my tacca and a few shots of the conservatory here in New Haven and a hot bunny I found in Providence
  6. kahnli

    Blue Food

    As some of you know I'm a chef... I'm very experimental and try to challenge the idea of what food is. recently I was contracted to do a New Years party where the theme is blue. Blue is not a color that often occurs in vegetables or meats. It's mainly an hors d'oeuvres party. It's been rather...
  7. kahnli

    new focus

    Well, I haven't posted in awhile but I've been thinking. I've been growing carnivorous plants for the past 8 years and I find my interests expanding to look more into other endangered plants that I could add to my collection... any ideas?
  8. kahnli


    My yearly ceph cleaning.I have two cephs up... they're each around three inches in diameter. PM me with offers.
  9. kahnli

    a few sarrs up for trade

    Cleaning up a little and I found a Judith Hindle and a FlavaxAlata that could be removed to make a little more space. send me a pm if interested.
  10. kahnli


    As sad as it is... I have two cephs that I must depart with. They each have several growing pionts and are three inches in diameter. please pm me with offers.
  11. kahnli

    mealy bugs

    I've sprayed with ortho three time this in a month and these puppies won't die. ???
  12. kahnli


    I've got what looks like aphid damage but I see no aphids. I battled with aphids two years ago and they were rather large and could not be missed. What I am seeing is small white specks, almost dustlike, over most of the damaged leaves. I can't tell whether this "dust" is moving or I'm staring...
  13. kahnli

    New York Botnaical Gardens

    Saturday was the NECPS show then Sunday I went to the NYBG to see the Chihuly Exhibit... Such a rough weekend. I may have forgotten my camera to the NECPS but I didn't to the Botanical Gardens. As far as Chihuly goes I was only really impressed with the water lilly segment. Snapped a few...
  14. kahnli

    couple of shots

    Just got a new camera thought I'd take a few shots...
  15. kahnli

    some quick afternoon shots

    took some quick shots this afternoon
  16. kahnli

    15 VFTs for 50 cents

    I just bought 15 VFTs at the local grocer for 50 cents. I didn't really need more flytraps but for 50 cents how could I pass it up...
  17. kahnli

    stolen plant

    So I thought I'd bring a Capensis home and leave it on my porch to enjoy. The neighbors admired it and loved it. A week later... gone. Easy to replace but...
  18. kahnli

    changing careers

    I have grown so tired of being a chef. I go to work at noon and I get off at midnight. I'm on my feet the entire night and my hand are covered with burns and cuts. I never get a weekend off (Saturday and Friday I'm there until 2 a.m.). Then I have to stay for on hour or two after my shift to...
  19. kahnli

    I made it home for a couple of days

    So I made it down to see my parents in Virginia this week... Beautiful as always. Rolling hills, nice people, close family, and great food (as opposed to this crap in the north). I grew up in the shenadoah valley a little town named Luray (about 30 minutes away from Standardsville -I'm sure...
  20. kahnli

    I fell of the wagon

    I was faced with a temptation I could not resist... I've been gluten free for about 4 weeks now. But I love ethiopian cuisine and could not resist yesterday, I ordered lentils and scarfed it down with the injera. When I was finished I asked for an extra side  of injera and woofed it down by...