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  1. nepenthes gracilis

    Its been awhile

    OMG its been a while! I've been so darned busy its not even funny, trying to make it in this world and enjoy life as much as I can. I got into a second hobby about 5 years ago collecting and restoring antique/vintage snowmobiles. I still have my CPs but have seriously downsized and mainly focus...
  2. nepenthes gracilis


    I'm really upset! (if you hadn't noticed by the title ;) ) There is a big debate back home (going home for summer tomorrow from college) and it involves that supposedly our septic is leaking, which it is not. Well long story short, the town went and dug up a culvert opening on the top of this...
  3. nepenthes gracilis


    Anyone here into trucks and performance after market parts? Well heres the deal pretty much what im getting at. May be getting my grandfathers 1997 F150 XLT Lariat Supercab 4x4 Automatic 4.6L V8. It only has 18,000 miles on it (never driven) My question is, I plan to have a mechanic go through...
  4. nepenthes gracilis

    Small movie

    I thought this was a perfect movie to watch! http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php
  5. nepenthes gracilis

    Phone call

    Boy its, nice to get phone calls from back home to exchange information and whatnot while you're in college. But, this phone call tonite from my family back home, has heeded some information i wish wasn't true. My father called me and one of the bits of information he had for me was he thinks...
  6. nepenthes gracilis


    Hey all! What a blizzard yesterday! Here are some photos! A carefully shoveled walkway on campus Mysterious mounds in the parking lot. The parking lot so carefully plowed to ensure traction for all types of vehicles. This is especially safe and provides great traction for 2 wheel drive...
  7. nepenthes gracilis

    LCD monitor

    Hey guys and gals, I have an issue There seems to be a hair under my LCD screen and it is driving me nuts, compressed air moved it a little but not much. HP toll free gave me nothing but an Islamic man that couldn't speak a lick of English, and all but done pissed me off. Any suggestions to...
  8. nepenthes gracilis

    New Journey

    I start college tommorow at SUNY Cobleskill. I'll be around and about later at night probably, see you all around, wish me luck in my studies of Ornamental Horticulture, Nursery Management, and Botany! Cheers, its been fun! Dustin
  9. nepenthes gracilis

    D. dichotoma giant

    Up for bid is a root cutting that is established from my mother plant. Lovely plant, extremely easy to grow, dry winter rest period. USA only, winner pays shipping starts at $5.
  10. nepenthes gracilis

    S. venosum Winner Copper

    Up for bid is all of my excessive S. venosum tubers, various sizes available. Bidding starts at $5 USA only, winner pays shipping, you will recieve approx. 15 plus tubers.
  11. nepenthes gracilis

    A. konjac Winner Copper

    Up for bid is all of my excessive A. konjac tubers, various sizes available. Bidding starts at $5 USA only, winner pays shipping, you will recieve approx. 15 plus tubers.
  12. nepenthes gracilis

    N. talangensis

  13. nepenthes gracilis


    Says it all, any recommendation for irradicating scale on Sarracenia? PS-not a heavy infestation. Thanks
  14. nepenthes gracilis


    All genus! S. oreophila "Regal" H. heterodoxa Greenhouse N. lowii Mulu N. glabrata uppers N. glabrata N. inermis flower buds Sarracenia Enjoy!
  15. nepenthes gracilis

    Laptop recommendations

    Hey folks, I'd like your input on laptop brands so far I'm torn between Alienware, Clevo, IBM thinkpads, and the least favorite choice, Dell. I'm going to College (http://www.cobleskill.edu) this fall and need a laptop, problem is I just don't know what would suit my needs, I really like...
  16. nepenthes gracilis

    Calling computer gurus

    WIndows xp is xpeeing me off! I installed a new RAM stick to upgrade memory and of course, it required activation...said my paid copy XP key was invalid so I've called the service line and they've given me a code I can put it...problem is I have to re-enter it EVERY SINGLE time I start up the...
  17. nepenthes gracilis

    Trip to Tony's

    Hey all, went down to Tony’s and took some pics! Enjoy! N. x Predator N. rajah N. x Tiveyi N. ephippiata N. ramispina N. talangensis N. aristolochioides N. aristolochioides N. aristolochioides N. x Trusmadiensis
  18. nepenthes gracilis

    My Cephalotus

    Hey gang, just thought I'd brighten up the late winter with some promising pictures of a fairly hard to grow plant!
  19. nepenthes gracilis

    D. graminifolia

    Hey all just thought I would share my successes with this D. graminifolia; a gift from TC.