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  1. Trapper7

    Spring time love...toad style! Dial-up warning!

    I caught these two "going at it" beside my pond. Looks like I'll be seeing a bunch of little tadpoles in the pond soon :)
  2. Trapper7


    Hi guys. I need help on how to plant a couple cattails in my pond. I got two plants for free but now have no idea what to put them in and how to put them in my pond. Can I submerge them completely? I'm going to have to because I can't put them on the side, they will fall over. What kind of pot...
  3. Trapper7

    Dog having a blast in snow-video

    Check out this sweet dog having fun in 54 inches of snow! I've never seen so much snow! http://www.maniacworld.com/dog-having-a-blast-in-the-snow.html
  4. Trapper7

    Pics of my Guppies

    I know you've all seen guppies before, but I wanted to share anyway. This is my favorite male. Pretty pattern and color! Another male Yellow male Female The tank Sorry there's so many spots on the glass, I forgot to clean it :0o:
  5. Trapper7

    Baby Guppies

    I bought 6 (3 males and 3 females) fancy guppies on Sunday and I should have known one of the females was pregnant because her abdomen was huge. I was looking at her earlier today and I noticed her abdomen was a lot smaller, I looked around for babies but couldn't find any. But just now I saw 2...
  6. Trapper7

    Aquarium Vacuums, how do they work?

    I need to get an aquarium vacuum badly because my fish are pooping up a storm and it looks horrible! I'm not sure how they work, but do they need to be attached to a faucet?? I don't have one nearby. Is there a kind that will suck up all the dirt and I can just let the water go into a bucket? I...
  7. Trapper7

    Drosera madagascariensis seeds for SASE

    I only have one package, first come first served. Post here first then pm me. :wave:
  8. Trapper7

    We "elfed" ourselves

    I had to share this. It's me and my husband :-D I did it last year too, but they've added new dances :-P (turn on your volume) <div style='background-color:#e9e9e9; width: 425px;'><object id='A221850' quality='high'...
  9. Trapper7

    Christmas Cactus

    Just thought I'd share my Christmas Cactus with you guys. Is it really a form of Cacti? I really hope I don't mess it up and make the buds fall off!
  10. Trapper7

    NASCAR Awards show?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows when the NASCAR Sprint Cup awards ceremony will be aired. I can only find one date when I google it and it says December-5th on ESPN @9pm and I want to make sure this is right. I missed it last year because I didn't know when it was, and I don't want to miss it...
  11. Trapper7

    Happy Birthday PlantAKiss!

    Hope you have a great day PAK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-D:banana2::boogie:
  12. Trapper7

    Is this legal?

    I went to the gas station today (Cirlce K) and I was paying when I looked over and saw pornography DVD's being sold on a rack right next to me. Not behind a curtain, not even behind the counter, but right there where every adult and child can see. And this was not soft porn either. There were so...
  13. Trapper7

    Water temp

    When I do a partial water change, how do I make sure the temperature of the new water is the same as the water in the tank? Should I go out and buy another thermometer?
  14. Trapper7

    I have two questions

    My first question is: There is a film of something ontop of the water. It has a rainbow color to it, like when you see oil you put in your car, in water, that rainbow color. What is this? Right now I only have one light bulb working and I can only see the rainbow film on the side that the bulb...
  15. Trapper7

    Drift wood won't sink

    I wanted to put a piece of drift wood into my fish tank but it won't sink. I thought it was the same kind you can buy at pet stores and those sink! I put it in water and weighed it down with a rock for over 2 days, but when I checked on it, it still floated when I took the rock off. Can I do...
  16. Trapper7

    New addition to my tank

    This is Rocky my new Pleco. My Betta Lava is pretty nice to him. No fin nipping :-D
  17. Trapper7

    You know you've had a bad day when....

    This is happening to you right now! Poor beetle. He gets swallowed up by my VFT and then when he finally chews a hole through it, the fire ants come and attack him, lol. He's still alive too! I'm guessing not for long though.
  18. Trapper7

    This is for *Barracuda_45*

    Well other people can look at it too of course :-P Here is a pic of my Succulent, but now that I look at it, I don't think it's what yours is in your other thread. Yours has white spots, mine has white lines.
  19. Trapper7

    Mystery of the missing frogs!

    We have a pond in our backyard. It used to have about 8 frogs living in it, a combination of Leopard and Bull frogs. We noticed that gradually over the last few months, they were dissapearing, one by one. Now there are only two. One Leopard and one Bull. We've never had an issue before where our...
  20. Trapper7

    My new Betta

    Just thought I'd share a pic of my new fishy, Lava.