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  1. Trapper7

    Spring time love...toad style! Dial-up warning!

    The next day there were 4 pairs doing the same thing. Now they're all gone. I haven't seen any eggs in the pond yet, I guess that takes a bit more time. Yay 3000 posts for me! Thanks Cap for telling me, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.
  2. Trapper7

    Spring time love...toad style! Dial-up warning!

    I caught these two "going at it" beside my pond. Looks like I'll be seeing a bunch of little tadpoles in the pond soon :)
  3. Trapper7

    New Pet

    Very nice looking little guy. I heard they are aggressive and can bite quite hard (I'm talking about it biting you, not another frog), is this true? What's it's name?
  4. Trapper7

    Playing with my camera some more...

    Those are great pics. It's funny how only the pics of them flying are the ones in focus. It's usually the other way around for me, lol. How can you tell which ones are the queens?
  5. Trapper7


    :D Thank you!!! Had a great day. My husband stayed home to spend it with me. If it wasn't so darn hot here, it would have been better :-P Thanks again!
  6. Trapper7

    Does your cat have the Buddah nature?

    Hehe, smart cat :boogie:
  7. Trapper7

    Broken Ankle

    I'm glad to hear it was just a sprain. Be careful :)
  8. Trapper7

    Does your cat have the Buddah nature?

    That's very sweet. Does he usually sleep in the sink?
  9. Trapper7

    My snake was posing today

    Very pretty! I like his name :D
  10. Trapper7

    Silver Fur Plant is in bloom wow!

    That is a great looking plant!
  11. Trapper7


    Thanks allegedhuman :) I've already planted them in the ground and one looks like it may be dying. It's turning yellow. I think these are the big plants, not the dwarf ones, because the leaves are about 5 feet tall right now. There are no shelves in my pond, it just goes down, lol. Thanks for...
  12. Trapper7

    Joossa Birthday

    Happy Birthday!! :-D
  13. Trapper7

    Had a Visitor Tonight

    Beautiful moth and very nice photos :)
  14. Trapper7

    One of the casualties of the tornado that hit this morning

    Glad you're ok Ahmad! I got scared yesterday, it got so dark and erie! I took my pets into the bathroom with me because I really wasn't sure if I was going to get hit by the tornado or not. We didn't get much damage, just some small trees down and branches everywhere. Not looking forward to...
  15. Trapper7


    Thanks for the info guys. My pond is about 4 feet deep, so I don't think I can do this.
  16. Trapper7


    I guess I can't submerge them in my pond, because they're more of a bog plant. I guess I'll have to put them in pot and water them really well all the time.
  17. Trapper7


    Hi guys. I need help on how to plant a couple cattails in my pond. I got two plants for free but now have no idea what to put them in and how to put them in my pond. Can I submerge them completely? I'm going to have to because I can't put them on the side, they will fall over. What kind of pot...
  18. Trapper7

    lizard in sarracenia

    That's a neat photo :) I agree about the brown anoles. They are everywhere. The green ones are so much prettier :)
  19. Trapper7

    Found this in my Inbox

    I get those all the time. I also have people messaging me on msn or yahoo telling me that they're in trouble in Nigeria and need my help and that they will give me a million dollars if I transfer their 15 million dollars into my account. Yada yada yada....