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  1. kahnli

    New from Virginia

    Welcome! I am a fellow Virginian and grew up in the Shenandoah. Can't wait to see some pics of those plants.
  2. kahnli

    Harvard University Glass Plant Collection

    WOW! I guess I know my next road trip.
  3. kahnli

    Seeking Genlisea

    Agreed... I've been on the forums since 2004 and so many of the Mods that are listed are just gone. I have never had a trade go sour but I also think that the deadbeat list needs to be updated. This is a hobby for some of us but it is also one that we put a lot of hard work into and we don't...
  4. kahnli

    RIP Robin Williams, American actor.

    nanoo nanoo
  5. kahnli

    My trip to a NH bog

    you go to put this on your list, Johnny! U. Gibba was profound
  6. kahnli

    My trip to a NH bog

    I cannot take credit for the photos, my camera defaulted, a friend was kind enough to share photos with me in order to share with the community here... This place was so amazing! We had to Kayak out to see the floating stands of Sarracenia, Drosera and Utricularia. All this on top of the NECPS...
  7. kahnli

    Double Headed Flytrap

    Have you recently treated them with a pesticide or fungicide? I've seen similar growth on plants that have been.
  8. kahnli

    (VA, USA) New to the Organic Bug-Destruction hobby.

    A fellow Virginian... I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley. Welcome to TF
  9. kahnli

    Hello from CT.

    A Southerner by birth I had no idea what pizza was until I got to the New HayHay... I have my problems and issues with the city but it is all worth it for the pizza
  10. kahnli

    Hello from CT.

    Welcome! I'm in CT as well... in the New Haven area. Lots of awesome people here to share knowledge of the hobby.
  11. kahnli

    plant's adventures of carnivorous kahnli

    Mahi topped with a pineapple salsa and served on an achiote rice
  12. kahnli

    How do I get my own spaghetti bush??

    a rolling meatball gathers no moss
  13. kahnli

    How do I get my own spaghetti bush??

    Loved this as a kid... the spaghetti weevil! classic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ugSKW4-QQ
  14. kahnli

    The Manhattan Project, Smoked Turkey version.

    Look at you! Each bird keeps getting purtier and purtier. The only time I really brine when I am smoking is when I use alcohol (usually bourbon) I find the evaporation of the alcohol to limit the rubber nature that most salt water brines give. I also try to never brine anything... to inundate a...
  15. kahnli

    Happy Birthday kahnli & Frilleon!

    Thanks man! I am so glad they have not found a cure for that virus...
  16. kahnli

    Happy Birthday Swords!

    This message is from Interzone... Happy Birthday!
  17. kahnli

    Leah Wilkinson x Leah Wilkinson seeds for SASE

    1. monkey_Cup 2. hunikejr 3. nshipe 4. branurenner 5. jab91 6. theplantman 7. cbennett4041 8. Incognito 9. reg. 10. PlantFanatic 11. wet&grnnative 12. SgtSarracenia- Thanks for the chance 13. kahnli... why not
  18. kahnli

    plant's adventures of carnivorous kahnli

    evrything except for the pasta came from my garden... oh and the cheese and breading but I did make the bread.
  19. kahnli

    Hello from Connecticut

    Yes, Edgerton is a magical place! we have a couple of spaces for rent in the greenhouse if you are interested... Yeah, Yale's "Botanical Gardens" falls a little short