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  1. DragonsEye

    For Sale Fresh Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds for sale

    Native to Australia, Drosera hartmeyerorum has long, thin leaves which, over time, tend to curl around any insect unfortunate enough to land on them. A unique trait of this species is the round yellow trichomes at the base of the leaves. The function of these trichomes is uncertain but it is...
  2. DragonsEye

    Best way to ship gemmae?

    So what have you found to be the best, economical way of mailing them? Padded envelope?
  3. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (Est $5) Yet another succ-y offer

    This package will be comprised of a single small rooted cutting of Senecio scaposus (photo of mother plant because I forgot to take one of the lil un), a rooted cutting of Crassula Maruba (tends to get some nice color and variegation but still showing its winter doldrum colors), and an unrooted...
  4. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (chibae $10) If you suffer from hysteria, perhaps relax with a Gasteria

    or two. Up for auction, 2 Gasteria liliputana. As the species name indicates, they do not get very big. These are fully mature with pups. US only Bidder pays shipping (estimated at $9 unless the bidder wishes to try First Class)> Opening bid: $2
  5. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (catplants $21) Small can be beautiful... Pygmy Drosera pack!

    Up for auction is a pygmy package containing 2 Drosera pulchella and 1 Drosera helodes. The Dros in the orange "pot" will also be tagging along if it looks like it has recovered or is in the process of doing so. That one is Drosera stelliflora. (It had a bit of an accident resulting a repot...
  6. DragonsEye

    Utrics and moss

    For those of you growing terrestrial utrics, how do you keep moss (it's not sphag) from over running the pots? I'm worried about it crowding out/smothering the utrics but afraid physan might harm the utrics.
  7. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (Est $6) Aloooooooooooooe out there!

    Up for auction are pups of two mini Aloes. The winner will receive one pup of Aloe Blizzard and 2 pups of a NoID mini Aloe. Blizzard Noid Opening bid: $5 US only Bidder pays shipping ($9)
  8. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (hcarlton $18) For those who can appreciate the little things ....

    Up for auction are 6 bulbs of Drimia uniflora. This plant is reputed to be the smallest bulb plant in the world. Flowers are self-pollinating. Drimia is amazingly drought tolerant but will tolerate a wide range of soils and growing conditions. Opening bid: $5 US only Bidder...
  9. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (BJTS $10) Begonia 'China Doll'

    Up for auction are 3 cuttings of Begonia 'China Doll'. This is a smaller growing Begonia. Pictured is my mother plant from which the cuttings will be taken. Opening bid: $5 US only Bidder pays shipping ($9) Winner may contact me via pm
  10. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (chibae $7) exaltata 'Fluffy Ruffles'

    Up for auction is a division of my 'Fluffy Ruffles'. Pictured is the mother plant in my terrarium. The division will be taken from her. This is one of the smaller growing ferns. Opening bid: $3 US only Bidder pays shipping ($9) Winning bidder may contact me via pm on this site.
  11. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (Sandy Casey $8) Streptocarpus saxorum -- rooted cuttings

    Being offered are 3 rooted cuttings of Streptocarpus saxorum . A relative of the African violet, saxorum is an easy growing plant with a mounding habit. Pictured is the mother plant (not for auction) and a tray of cuttings from which 3 will be selected for the winning bidder. Cuttings are...
  12. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (John7429 $17) Agave victoria-regina

    The lengths I'm willing to go to ..... This could prove more painful for me than the plants. (Anyone familiar with Agaves will likely understand what I mean.) Up for auction are 3 pups of my choosing from my mother pot. Agave v-r seems to come in two dispositions -- those that never pup and...
  13. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (collin $12) Talk about a succ-y offering...

    Up for auction are cuttings of the following succulent plants from my mother pots (mother pots are NOT for auction) : Echeveria Black Prince: Plants are still in their winter colors. Over the summer with full sun, they can get a lot darker. Pachysedum Ganzhou: Another full sun plant...
  14. DragonsEye

    (PAID) (that_one_dudes_plants $15) Get the lady in your life the string of pearls she deserves...

    I'm talking the plant version, of course. :p My string of pearls is in dire need of a trim. Up for auction are 3 cuttings -- each will be at least 3ft long (probably closer to 4ft) -- more than enough to start a large pot or several smaller ones. Pictured is the mother plant. For any...
  15. DragonsEye

    For Sale Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds

    Freshly harvested. $10.75 for a packet of 10-15 seeds. Multiple packets available. S&H is included in the price. US only. Pm me if interested.
  16. DragonsEye

    For Sale Drosera Hercules x self seeds

    Have multiple packets of Drosera Hercules x self seeds available. This is from a selfing of my mother plant. Each packet contains 50-100 recently harvested seeds. Price: $15 Postage: $0.75 for those living in the US. Payment via PayPal
  17. DragonsEye

    good for a chuckle

    I thought this amusing so figured I'd share ... https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3427801970574720&set=gm.976236659520905
  18. DragonsEye

    At long last -- a bloom!

    Ping laueana has been challenging for me. Had three different plants, and only this one survived. Been a couple years now and finally have a bloom of my very own.
  19. DragonsEye

    Leaves? Who needs leaves?

    A new plant for me. Got it at an orchid show in February. Chiloschista viridiflava
  20. DragonsEye

    from the USPS with "Tender, Loving Care"....

    So a very generous soul on another forum sent me a micro-mini orchid of which he had an extra. This is the box it came in: I strongly suspect the box was originally cube-shaped. Amazingly enough, the plant was -- though a bit dry -- okay.