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  1. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    As an update to my earlier posts, there was indeed a mite problem. These particular mites were red and smaller than any I have seen in the past, with no visible webs on the plant tissues. I used a combination of dry ice bombs inside the cooler as well as some Avid treatments to take care of...
  2. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    jpappy789 I have left the cooler on a timer for now and the plants seem to be doing OK. To stabilize the humidity a little I've made a sphagnum wall in the back next to the cooling coils that sits in a water tray to keep the dehumidification away from the plants themselves. Temperatures have...
  3. Leafgeek

    Hcarlton's Utrics

    Wow! Those are gorgeous!
  4. Leafgeek

    Back in the game

    Same thing happened to me. Welcome back!
  5. Leafgeek

    New Growth Points or Something Else

    Quick update! It appears that most of the small nubs have quickly started to form many shoots with traps, although there are still some that appear to be doing nothing. All of these shoots are rather tiny, but I'll take 'em! :bigthumpup:
  6. Leafgeek

    Advice needed: Use of aquarium heaters.

    I have used some of the ZooMed ReptiTherm units that are usually used for hermit crab tanks and those seemed to work well. They have an automatic shutoff or cycle time though I believe so it doesn't really get much hotter than 80, or at least it didn't in the small tank I was using. You could...
  7. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    Some quick updates from the wine cooler setup. I purchased some live sphagnum to spruce up the tank, and it looks to be doing well. Overall the temperatures have been on the lower side, with a high of 72 during the day so I am currently fine-tuning the on/off cycles to let it get a little warmer...
  8. Leafgeek

    Looking For (To Buy) N. tenuis cutting

    I am interested in purchasing a rooted or unrooted cutting of N. tenuis. I haven't had much success finding these plants and thought I would try here. Feel free to PM me if anyone is interested! Thanks.
  9. Leafgeek

    Plant of the Month August 2019

    Dionaea muscipula 'B52'
  10. Leafgeek

    Jamban Hybrids

    Is there any particular reason that Jamban hasn't been used in many hybrid crosses? I've seen hybrids with related species like N. dubia but not many made with larger or more extravagant species. It may be that these exist and I just haven't seen them, or possibly that hybrids with Jamban tend...
  11. Leafgeek

    Lowe’s Nepenthes

    That looks like a x ventrata to me, but I'm no expert. I would expect less of a taper from the base to the peristome from a ventricosa.
  12. Leafgeek

    Live Sphagnum Moss

    This was the first time I have ever seen sphagnum moss in a regular store that wasn't bone dry. There was a decent amount of humidity in the bag, and I remember that the strands were more of a light yellowish rather than the white of bone-dry sphagnum. Here are a few photos of what they...
  13. Leafgeek

    Live Sphagnum Moss

    I've always thought that the reds and greens of live sphagnum have looked very nice when grown in pots alongside Nepenthes and I've read somewhere that the live moss may help to maintain the pH and humidity levels appropriate for these plants. To those of you who grow them in pots, have you...
  14. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    Thanks! How long did it take for yours to recover?
  15. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    It looks like another node had already started forming a shoot on my plant without me bothering it so I'll leave it alone for a while and see how it progresses!
  16. Leafgeek

    New Growth Points or Something Else

    That is a possibility however these plants were relatively large so I think they had been out long enough that any hormone carryover should be negligible at this point. If this was impacting all the plants from the single initial rhizome I would be more inclined to think it could possibly be...
  17. Leafgeek

    New Growth Points or Something Else

    My best guess at this point is that I somehow removed or damaged the meristem in such a way that apical dominance was relieved and lateral meristems are developing at each node, or are forming directly from the rhizome. Either way it should be interesting to see how this plant looks in a month...
  18. Leafgeek

    New Growth Points or Something Else

    So a few weeks back I spotted some B52 at our local farmer's market, and promptly picked up a plant with multiple offshoots for 20 bucks. When I was dividing it, I accidentally removed the meristem from one group of traps. So far, all of the divided plants are growing nice traps, but the plant...
  19. Leafgeek

    My UHL Setup (In Progress)

    Just a brief update on this project, below is my final setup as far as plants and materials in the tank. I am still seeing a large temperature drop when the fridge cycles on during the daytime, so I'm planning on getting a digital timer so that I have more flexibility than the half hour peg...