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  1. flytrap59

    Nice vfts at michigan wal-mart

    Recently our local Wal-Mart in SW Michigan received a new shipment of beautiful VFTs. Instead of being stuck inside a closed dome they've been packaged inside a tall flexible plastic cylinder which has a few holes pocked into the top. They're still potted in the usual 3" pot. Virtually every...
  2. flytrap59

    Thanks everyone for the advice!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the insights on how to deal with the algae which was engulfing my gibba. I tried just about everything to grow it as an aquatic but the algae would not go into remission. I visited a several local wetlands and noticed that the vast majority of utrics in...
  3. flytrap59

    Lowland neps terrarium

    I purchased my first lowland nepenthes (rafflesia) and I'm looking for some tips. It's a healthy specimen in a 5" pot. I've got it in my basement which is a uniform 70 degrees pretty much year round. The terrarium is a 2.5 gallon fish tank which is loosely covered with plastic wrap. I've left...
  4. flytrap59

    Algae in my u.gigga

    I started growing my first aquatic utric several weeks ago. (Thats a U.gibba BTW not a U.gigga!) It's in a typical 1/2 gallon fish bowl (peat/water mix) and seems to be spreading out just fine. However, I've noticed some algae beginning to collect along the branches.  I've read this species is...
  5. flytrap59

    Wild sundews vs rain?

    One great thing about my job is I travel through lots of areas that have many bogs/fenns. Whenever I have time I take my "breaks" by sloshing around some wetland looking for signs of our local CPs. Today was a milestone for sure. I was dressed in my business attire..wingtip shoes and all when I...
  6. flytrap59

    Cobra's nest growth

    Two weeks ago I purchased a cobra's nest hybrid. I have never experienced any pitcher plant that grows so quickly as this one. It already had eight, eight inch pitchers when I received it and has grown two more since then. The growing point still shows signs of even more on the way. Is anyone...
  7. flytrap59

    Drosera leaf movement

    With the weather warming up here in Michigan I've placed my collection of D.capensis outside to feed. What hogs I might add too!!! They've been putting a dent in the local fly population. In some cases one leaf is curled around three flies.  One thing puzzles me concerning the cause(s) for leaf...
  8. flytrap59

    Is sand really necessary in soil mix?

    I've been growing VFTs for "gosh" 34 years now and I've never used any sand in my soil mix...just good old 100% peat moss. I tried some sand mixes years ago which resulted in sick plants. I know, the sand was probably contaminted and/or alkaline. Thats why I stuck with plain peat moss all these...
  9. flytrap59

    D. prolifera, the "great" sundew nobody grows

    I recently purchased a D. prolifera from a west coast nursery. I've had great success with D. adelae in terraria so I thought I'd try a "sister" plant. The plant came in a 3" pot in live sphagnum. This species spreads by sending out above ground stolons that result in plantlets when they touch...
  10. flytrap59

    Has anyone tried "coir"?

    Has anyone out there tried any "Coir" products (aka coconut fiber) for growing their CPs?  Everything I've read about it suggests it should be ideal.