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    Downloading into Digimax I6

    Hello, Yes I do get a message box asking me what actions I want to take when I connect the camera with the computer. It mostly deals with the pictures I have stored ( which I have no problem with). What I want to know is, how to use the mp3 function and how to store video, also how play back...
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    Downloading into Digimax I6

    Hello, Does anyone own a Samsung Digimax I6 PMP and actually know how to download songs/videos into it? Where can I find info on how to do it or Who do i talk to, to learn how? I recently bought one, I've been taking lots of pictures with it but I'd also like to use the PMP part of it too...
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    Roridula gorgonias seed

    In my opinion it's really not all that, a guy brought a pot full to a LACPS meeting once and I was unimpressed. Kinda reminds me of a less elegant Byblis. Pay no attention to my hating on the plant though by all means keep bidding
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    Dead rhizome

    Hello everyone, I have a rubra plant, along with a VFT, that I left outside for dormancy. The VFT made it through the winter and it is regrowing beautifully, the rubra on the other hand is just sitting in a pot not doing anything. It has been many months without any signs of new growth. I did...
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    Pinguicula reticulata

    If you think the plants is nice you should see the flower, it's easily one of the most beatiful Ping flowers around. I have found that this species is one of the few Mexican Pings that thrive in a hot, humid terrarium.
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    With my plants putting them in a terrarium was the best thing I did. I had the two pots of cephs in a windowsill for almost 2 years and they always had a few pitchers here and there. The pitcher were tiny and green, only the non carnivorous leaves had a few patches of red. Now that they're in...
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    P. immaculata

    Love your pic, I totally want this plant. How do you grow it? I have around 6 Mexican Ping species, would you say that this species is easy to keep or does it require more care than say an esseriana or a rotundiflora? Is it easy to reproduce this species? Thanks for the info.
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    A flashy ping

    P. reticulata is wonderful, my plants have been shooting up flowers non-stop and the combo of white with purple veins plus bright yellow is beautiful. The flowers also seem to get more and more purple with each new one that opens up. If you want a stunning plants without having to wait for...
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    Drosera in lantau island

    Good to see that South America is not the only place that has beautiful and red sundews. Thanks for the pics too.