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    hello from Palo Alto, California

    Hi! I've been a member of Flytrap forums for about a month now and when I heard about this I was stoked! I'm always open to trade so I can diversify my collection. currently, I grow tons of things, including sarrs, neps, vfts, dews, byblis, utrics, dewy pines, and a lot of succulents.
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    Looking For (To Buy) Byblis

    Does anyone have any byblis except for liniflora they are willing to sell? I've been searching for some time but I can never seem to find any. preferably Byblis Aquatica but any species works too. Thanks!
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    Looking For (trade) Looking to trade for any type of byblis (except for liniflora)

    Hi guys. I recently came down with byblis fever. however, Byblis are so hard to find for sale anywhere. does anyone have extra plants that they want to sell to me? seeds are also nice but I would prefer plants. Thanks!