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    Downloading into Digimax I6

    Hello, Does anyone own a Samsung Digimax I6 PMP and actually know how to download songs/videos into it? Where can I find info on how to do it or Who do i talk to, to learn how? I recently bought one, I've been taking lots of pictures with it but I'd also like to use the PMP part of it too...
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    Dead rhizome

    Hello everyone, I have a rubra plant, along with a VFT, that I left outside for dormancy. The VFT made it through the winter and it is regrowing beautifully, the rubra on the other hand is just sitting in a pot not doing anything. It has been many months without any signs of new growth. I did...
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    B. liniflora seeds for p. lusitanica seeds

    I will send a good amount of B. liniflora seeds to anyone willing to send me a good amount of P. lusitanica seeds. As an incentive I'll also send out a seed packet of Drosera sessilifolia  (from the Cerrado do Guimaraes, Brazil)  and a seed packet of D. capensis ''red''.
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    ? about two types of reniformis

    Hello, Everyone I would like to know if is there a noticeable difference between the flowers/leaves of the regular form of reniformis and U. reniformis f. courte? A picture comparing the two plants/flowers would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch for your replies.
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    What's happening?

    Hello, A few months ago I noticed some Utric stolons popping up in one of my cephalotus pots and now they are sending up flowers. The problem I'm having is just before the flowers open up fully the petals fall off and a green ball forms that slowly turns purplish. I would like to know what...
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    Strange P. esseriana

    Hello, A few weeks back I ordered two P. esseriana. They arrived with much longer leaves than any of the P. esseriana I had already and the leaves were smooth, not upturned. At the moment the long leaves of my two new P. esseriana are all in various stages of drying out and the emerging leaves...
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    Are uv lights ok?

    Hello, everyone After a disastrous attempt at starting up an aquarium I've decided to use the 55 gallon tank I bought as a CP terrarium instead. I will put in mainly Mexican pings, Utrics, Byblis Linifolia, a few Sundews, and maybe one or two tropical pitcher plants. I'd like to know though, if...
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    Moss covering my Utrics

    Hello, There are these green stringy things covering up my nephrophylla. (sorry if I spelled it wrong) I would like to know how I can prevent this from strouting in future pots of bladderworts and how I can get rid of it in my current nephrophylla pot? I pulled it out of my sandersonii pot a...
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    Platys and Acidic water???

    Hello everyone, I would like to get a 55 gallon tank going. I want to put in 3 species of tetra, some corys and some otocinclus cats. I also want some platys. Every book I have says that tetra need soft water, 6-6.5 ph and platys need medium had to hard, 7-8 ph. So my question is can platys...
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    My new Obsession

    Although I'm still (and probably always will be) deeply into this CP thing, the Cartoon Network's late night shows Inuyasha and Big O are distracting me to the extreme. I love these two series sooooooooo much. Lately I've been glued to my TV every night. It's very hard to wake up early in the...
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    Cephalotus and water

    Here's word of advice for cephalotus growers. I was so worried about over watering my plants that I severley under watered them. Recently my cephs's leaves and pithers were yellowing and drying up, I thought it was because they were over heating on the windowsill I have them on but then I...
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    Seedling in Ping media?

    I think a sundew (either a capensis or spatulata, the only sundews I have at the moment) has sprouted in one of my Mexican ping pots which has vermiculite in the soil. Should I leave the seedling in the pot til it has grown bigger or should I transplant it now before the vermiculite kills it...
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    Hibiscus good for iguanas?

    Is it true that hibiscus leaves and flowers are good food for iguanas and that they should be offered as much as possible? I have two hibiscus plants that I do not spray pesticides on or fertilize, can I give my juvenile iguana leaves and flowers from the plants regularly (lets say 3-4 times a...
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    Giant cetipedes in a cp tank?

    Hi all, Is it a good idea to keep a few giant centipedes in a tank with carnivorous plants (nepenthes, byblis linifolia, Mexican butterworts, cephalotus, ect.), can any of the plants harm the centipedes or the centipede hurt the plants? Does anyone keep centipedes or any other animal in with...
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    Is it a bad fungus?

    Hello, Sometimes I notice a white substance (it looks kinda like grainy, powdered sugar) on the leaves of my cephalotus. I would like to know if this is a harmful fungus, (if it's a fungus a all?) or if it's the beneficial fungus that some of you in the forum have talked about. The substance...
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    Apartment greenhouses?

    Hello, Can an extra room in an apartment be turned into a greenhouse/grouth chamber type thing? Has anyone tried this? What steps did you take? Thank for the info
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    Window neps?

    Hello, Besides N. Alata what other Nepenthes can be kept on windowsill in a warm climate like southern California has? Also, in winter when temps drop (I'm not really sure how cold it get here, I'm guessing 50s and 40s maybe even in the 30s degrees) do Nepenthes that can live on a windowsill...
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    Heated terrarium?

    Hello, I'd like to know what CPs besides lowland pitchers can be kept in a heated tank? I don't really want to have just pitcher plants in a tank that seems pretty boring. I know about Byblis Linifolia but what are some other good ones? What are the best 3 ways to heat a tank? Also what...
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    Are my pygmies dead or dormant?

    Hello, Hey, I bought 6 D. Dichrosepalas back in July, (I got 7 delivered to me, but now I have 4 after my cat pulled 3 out of their pot and swallowed them) but anyway ever since I opened their box and replanted them they've had no fresh leaves and they've been covered in white "hair". The ones...
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    Free sundew seeds

    I have Pink Flowered Spatulata seeds. I bought them from this very website. It's the first time I've ever collect, handled, and gave away any seeds so some may not germinate but I'm sure some will, (what have you got to lose the seeds are free). So if your interested PM me and I will give you an...