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    Heliamphora floowers not opening correctly

    Thanks Av! I didn't think my conditions were overly humid. I have them sitting in an ebb and flow tray open above in my basement. I think that maybe a fan might help in my case.
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    Heliamphora floowers not opening correctly

    4 of my Heliamphora are in various states of blooming, but so far, the flowers seem to get stuck as they are developing. One plant is a complete bust for this round. The second has the first flower opening, but as of yet, I have not been able to collect any pollen from it. The petals all seem to...
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    H. heterodoxa is flowering!

    I am growing mine in my basement in Minnesota. In the summer the temperature rarely goes above 80 and in the winter in the mid to low 60s. They are in an ebb and flow tray that I have flood several times a day. I bring the water right up to the top of the soil and then let it drain. My lighting...
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    H. heterodoxa is flowering!

    It's Michaela, and thank you! I was very excited! And I have some pollen on its way for that first flower!
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    H. heterodoxa is flowering!

    Checked on the plants this morning and discovered that my H. heterodoxa gran Sabana is flowering! This is a first for me! I have had the plant for about a year now and it has grown from a wee pup of a plant to a full grown beauty! Anyone have any pollen to share? H. heterodoxa by Michaela...
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    This light ok for heli

    I will throw in that those grow lights make your plants look really weird. I have had really good luck using bright white LEDs. I friend has been using LED strip lights from Home Depot with great success. He has high tech lab equipment and tested the spectrum and found that it was very good for...
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    Heliamphora talk

    This Sunday will be are next meeting and I will be talking about Heliamphora.
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    Hands on meeting

    If you ever find yourself in Minnesota, let us know! We could arrange something.
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    Hands on meeting

    Our next meeting will be on Sunday March 12th. UMCPS Reminder: Hands on meeting, March 12th | Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society
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    Time for our next social gathering

    The next social meeting will be at Sociable Cider Werks Sunday 12th February 2017 at 3:00. Sociable Cider Werks Look forward to seeing everyone there!
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    Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society

    Hello, I am the current treasurer for the UMCPS. We are currently a small group that has official meetings 6 times a year and unofficial social gatherings in the between months. We welcome anyone in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the UP of Michigan. I will try and post...
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    Unknown nepenthes with bulbous red pitchers

    If you give it more light, the pitcher will turn a beautiful deep red as will the leaves.
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    Failing nectar cups

    I am growing all of my Helis in an ebb and flow set up that floods four times a day. I don't know what the humidity is, but it is certainly higher than yhe rest of the house and higher than the other cp growing areas. Most be a quirk of that clone if yours did the same. All my others are doing...
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    Failing nectar cups

    It is the Auyan Tepui clone.