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    OH NO MY TRAP!!!!

    I think I made a bad mistake I put boiled water(cooled) on it yesterday after I found if half dead was that a mistake ? I just found out how to make distilled water now I'll use that way Is the dirt contaminated after I put the boiled water on it?
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    OH NO MY TRAP!!!!

    My venus fly trap is dying all the traps are laying on the bottom What DO I DO??? How do I save it? Please hepl me ASAP!!!!!
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    Bugs that are good for your CP\'s

    SLUGS ARE VERY GOOD FOR YOUR CP'S They digest very quickly healthy and they don't rot the leaves HHHMMMMM GOOD SAYS MY CP WHEN I FEED IT SLUGS
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    Did I do something right?

    I opened up the vft that had the ladie bug in it it was all black so I pinched it off was that a bad idea? I also removed yellow traps and the black dead stuff. one good thing is that my vft digested that little brown bettle could of been worse.
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    did the forum get updated? it's different
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    Beest Soil Mix

    um I don't think it is good to use that kind of light cp's like hot humid air I would check with someone else
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    a good light source?

    um I don't think it is good to use that kind of light cp's like hot humid air I would check with someone else
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    Bugs that are good for your CP\'s

    Everyone let's make a big list of different thing's that are good for CP's
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    Help! Am I feeding my plant right?!

    I fead my vft a ladybug should I get rid of the trap or should I just wait?
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    Tap Water

    Can I make distilled water? My water ph is medium its between 8.0 6.5 is soft water good for vft's? Which is better for the vft well or city I have well
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    What not to feed traps

    Can I feed a vft slugs or other slimy creatures exept worms?
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    What do I do?

    I rinsed the plant throughly and I rinsed the dirt about 4 times and added sand and then I put it in a plastic bottle terarium that I made and I set it in the sun does this sound right? Should I take it out when the sides of the plastic 2 liter bottle start sweating inside? How do I know if my...
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    What do I do?

    What do I deo with the venus fly trap becase I already fed it beetles and it's in the miracle gross spagum,moss mix with fertilizer what do I do? Please help!!!! Where do I get the spagum and peat moss plus where do I get the terarium?
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    Take a lick

    how do u lick a vft do u lick the inside of the trap this sounds wierd is it sweet?
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    What bugs are safe to put in a venus fly trap? How do I make a terarium? does it need a terarium I took it out of the small pot it was crammed in there and I planted it in a pot with some miracle grow canadian spangum moss mix is that ok Can I feed my vft ants and ladybugs?